Quran Karim - Arabic and Meal - Mealli Koran Karim - Computer Lined - Medium Size - Sealed - Hayrat Nesriyat

Hayrat Neşriyat
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Easy to Read, Sealed, with Opposite Meal, Medium Size (17x24 cm)
140.00 TL
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    Color Options: Burgundy

    Page Layout: There is a page of Arabic Quran text, immediately on the opposite page there is a Turkish meal and at the bottom there are vermin (footnotes) from the author's interpretation books.

    The seal: Sealed from Religious Affairs and Egypt El-Ezher (Arabic Text)

    Size: Medium Size - 17 x 24 cm

    Print Color: 6 Color Printing

    Number of Pages: 676 Pages (604 pages Quran Meal, 72 pages other information)

    Skin Type: Cloth Coated Cardboard Cover

    Weight: 0.986 gr


    Considerations when Preparing Meals

    At every stage of this work, we have hoarded the mu'teber interpretation books. We have taken care not to perform any wit that we cannot find in these sources, even in parentary brackets. We were careful to give the views of circumcision in the i'tikādî mes'eles and to prioritize these tribes, as well as to make the kavli, which we found more spiritual in the same office. Short verses of some verses that were understood and misunderstood were taken from the original copies of the interpretations and the sources of each were shown. The ma'nâ of some of the deeds was tried to be given from both interpretations and scientific works. Likewise, the short verses of some verses, including the verses of the prophet and the prophet, were acquired from the sources in the sense of need. When explaining the words, it was tried to make them feel the ma'nâs that they were loaded in the text.

    Who Prepared Meali?

    This work, which lasted for nearly ten years under the knowledge of the Provincial Research Center within our scalpel, was carried out by a ten-person hey'et, which is me'zun from various Faculties of Theological Affairs and oriental madrasas in turkey, as well as from universities and madrasas that provide religious education such as Câmi'ü'l-Ezher abroad.

    This final text, which is prepared in the form of hey'et, based on the invasion, is finally divine, Literary, spiritual, psychology, pedagogy, education, engineering, technical education, medicine, economics, law, politics, beautiful san'ats, such as many different professions and specializations, were reinvented in a period of close to a year with the serious treatment and occupation of a relatively large hey'etat.


    1- TACTICS
    2- HOLY


    1- Ahkâmu'l-Quran, al-Cessâs, 1985, Beirut
    2- Asâ-yi Mûsâ, Bedîuzzaman Saîd Nursî, (Ottoman-ca original copy)
    3- Barla Hymn, Bedîuzzaman Saîd Nursî, (Osman-lıca copy)
    4- Dîvân-ı Harb-i Örfî, Bedîuzzaman Saîd Nursî, (Original copy)
    5- al-Futûhâtu'l-Divine, Hâşiyetu'l-Cemel (Jalal-leyn Sherhi), Suleiman b. Omar al-Acîlî (al-Ja-mel), Beirut, 1996
    6- Emirdag Hymn I-II, Bedîuzzaman Saîd Nursî, (Ottoman copy)
    7- Fahruddîn, er-Râzî, Tafsîrü'l-Kebîr and Mefâtîhu'l-Ghayb, 1995, Beirut
    8- Youth Guide, Bedîuzzaman Saîd Nursî, (Os-man›lılica original copy)
    9- Hak Dini Quran Language, Elmali Muhammad Hamdi Yazr, Works Publications, 1971
    10- Ladies' Guide, Bedîuzzaman Saîd Nursî, (Original copy of Os-manli)
    11- Isârâtu'l-I'câz, Bedîuzzaman Saîd Nursî, (Osman-lıca original copy)
    12- Kastamonu Hymn, Bedîuzzaman Saîd Nursî, (Ottoman copy)
    13- Kenzü'l-Ummâl, Ali al-Muttakī, Beirut, 1989
    14- Turkish Meâl-i Scholar and Interpretation of the Quran, Bilin Publishing House, 1996
    15- Virtues and Reading Kāides of the Qur'an, Ismâil Karaçam, 1976
    16- Kurtubî, Al-Câmi' li-Ahkâmi'l-Quran, 1995, Beirut
    17- Lem'alar, Bedîuzzaman Saîd Nursî, (Ottoman original copy)
    18- Letter, Bedîuzzaman Saîd Nursî, (Ottoman original copy)
    19- Mesnevî-i Nûriye, Bedîuzzaman Saîd Nursî, (Original copy of Os-manli)
    20- Muhtasar'i Tefsîr-i Ibn-i Kesîr, Ihtisti : Muhammad Ali es-Sabûnî, Damascus, 1989
    21- Rumûzât-ı Semâniye, Bedîuzzaman Saîd Nursî, (Ottoman original copy)
    22- Sadler, T. W., Langman's Medical Embryology, Seventh Edition, 1995 USA
    23- Coin-i Tasdîk-ı Gaybî, Bedîuzzaman Saîd Nursî, (Ottoman original copy)
    24- Lyrics, Bedîuzzaman Saîd Nursî, (Ottoman original copy)
    25- Sûalli Cevablı Tecvid, Hâfiz Mohammed Nûri, 1331 Dersâadet
    26- Shuâ's, Bedîuzzaman Saîd Nursî, (Ottoman original copy)
    27- Tafsîru'l-Beyzâvî (Envâru't-Tenzîl and Esrâru't-Te'vîl), Abdullah b. Omar b. Mohammed ash-Shirâ-zî al-Beyzâvî, Beirut, 1999
    28- Tafsîru'n-Nesefî (Medârikü't-Tenzîl and Hakāi-ku't-Te'vîl), Abdullah b. Ahmed en-Nesefî, Bey-rut, 1996
    29- Talismans, Bedîuzzaman Saîd Nursî, (Ottoman original copy)
    30- Zulfikār, Bedîuzzaman Saîd Nursî, (Ottoman original copy)


    1. It is error-resistant:

    Copies of the Ahmad Husrev line tevâfuklu Quran published by Hayrât Nesriyat are registered by the authorities and sealed by our Directorate of Religious Affairs and Ezher University of Egypt. In addition, after each edition, each is rechecked by the memory.

    2. Sealed:

    Our Qurans are sealed by our Directorate of Religious Affairs and Ezher University of Egypt.

    3. Prepared without commercial purpose:

    It was not printed immediately as soon as it was written because it was not intended for commercial purposes, and it was studied for 10 years to make it easier for Muslims to learn and read more easily.

    4. It is the product of a half-century of work:

    40 years of writing and 10 years of preparation for printing is the result of a full 50 years of work.

    5. When printing, the reverence worthy of the Quran is shown:

    Those who work in the printing press do not work without ablution and show respect worthy of the Quran.

    The Qur'an, which was printed on straw paper until the printing press was established, was first published by Hayrat Nesriyat in the 1st century due to the care shown to the Quran. The dough was printed on paper and this understanding has changed since then.

    Even the water used in the cleaning of the printing press is not mixed into the city network due to the inks and dusts poured into it from the Quran, it is mixed into the soil in a separate area made by Hayrat Nesriyat.

    6. Being the easiest line to read:

    It has gained a reputation as the most easily learned and read Line of the Quran in the whole world.

    7. Thesis:

    The thesis, each of which is an art wonder, refers to the pleasure of the eye.

    8. Quality:

    Yarn seam, quality wire and shiraz are also the address of quality and robustness with a sturdy cardboard cover and 1st class cloth skin.

    9. Tevafuklu:

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