Sexual Life From the Sacred Writings to the Present

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  • Sexual Life From the Sacred Writings to the Present

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    Publisher: Hayat Publishing Group
    Author: Seyit Ahmet Uzun
    Cover Quality: Soft Cover
    Page Quality: 2. Dough
    Number of Pages: 290
    Size: 13,5 x 21 cm
    Weight: 314 gr


    "Man is the enemy of what he does not know." The proverb is a beautiful expression of how, unlike other motives, sexuality is turned into a prohibited area in today's world, where it is considered a strict prohibition or an unlimited freedom. It is hard not to be surprised at the success of humanity in the process of taming all nature. But our ancestors and present-day humans, who accomplished such hard work, perhaps simply failed to prove themselves in taming their sexual drive. Economic, social, cultural, psychological, political, etc. Many factors are factors that prepare the ground for sexuality not to be tamed.
    In addition, religious discourses (such as clergy, hypocrisy, mysticism) caused sexuality to be perceived as a crime and a sin. On this issue, Paul tells the Corinthians in his first letter: “An unmarried man worries about the works of the Lord, thinking how to please the Lord. But a married man worries about world affairs, wondering how to please his wife. Thus, his interest is split in two. "In the continuation of these statements, the unmarried woman is also evaluated in the same way, and the ground has been prepared for the formation of sexual repression in social life by commenting that marriage, the pleasure of the spouses created for each other by God, even if they are legitimate, will prevent the consent of the Lord.
    If the creator created man as a woman and a man, and put a hidden power and charm between them, it should not be forgotten that trying to prevent this is equivalent to ignoring human nature. God; “It is one of His verses that He created wives of your own kind for you to mingle with and gave love and mercy among you. Indeed, there are signs in this for a people who reflect. " (Rum / 21)
    “And the Lord God said; it is not good for the man to be alone. I will make him a suitable helper. ”(Genesis 2/18) He reported the affection and affection between the two sexes.
    Sexuality; it is the formation potion of being. God has given creativity to beings with this potion. Thus, reproduction and life took place. Unity in opposites constitutes the basis of sexuality. And at this point, God has always created the sexes with opposite bipolar. Thus, a new life emerges from the union of the opposite sexes.
    Bringing the sexuality that the Creator presents to people as a natural event into a state that is unbearable and troubling on his behalf will mean harming the naturalness that He presents. In this study, we tried to examine how making our sexuality shameful and sinful will affect the psychological and social life of people by evaluating God as a voyeur.
    Sexuality will be the inevitable source of distorted relationships and perverse tendencies, as long as it is evaluated in the perspective of strict prohibition or unlimited freedom. For this reason, a healthy sexual education should be carried out with care, patience and care throughout the period from childhood to adolescence and adulthood.
    In our society, with the effect of culture, especially conservative families are quite indifferent to these motives of their children and react harshly to their natural learning requests. In this case, our children, who are left ignorant and vulnerable to external factors, at an early age become the poor tools of the media where sexuality is commodified. It will be very difficult for adults, who see God as the voyeur of their bedrooms and make even their bedrooms intolerable at the point of sexual intercourse, to give their children the necessary sexual education. As a result, marriage will be perceived as a burden that does not have an attractive feature in terms of sexual appeal. Sexual happiness will only be postponed to the relationship with the virgins in the hereafter.
    The understanding that started with the industrial revolution and turned upside down with the sexual revolution of the 1960s and directed all areas of life to sexuality is also against human nature. Abstracted from moral responsibility and love, sexuality destroys many values ​​in society. It poses a serious threat to the family, which is the cornerstone of our future. Alfred Adler on this subject; "Undoubtedly, the satisfaction of one of the desires to the extreme, the development of interest in a subject above normal standards is a situation incompatible with the harmony of life." determined.
    Shela Macloud, who lived through the so-called sexual revolution, said, "Now it seems to me that this is nothing more than a greedy male fantasy aiming at omnipotence." He underlines the deceitfulness of that period, how women were exploited and how sexuality was brought into a mere relationship of interest, adding that "he was caught in this so-called revolution because it brought clarity instead of hypocrisy.
    To evaluate the AIDS storm that ravaged the world of limitless sexuality as a deadly virus with a banal logic such as “let the death of a horse be from barley” is a terrible social disaster that infects not only the “horse” (!) But also the innocent people living with it. Husbands who regard sexual freedom as the privilege of being a man do not have the right to infect women who have accepted living with a single wife as a virtue.
    In a society where such discourses are frequently voiced, I found it necessary to carry out such a study in order to show our youth and adults the ways of a happy and healthy sex life, who are faced with incitement to the level of consciousness of their suppressed motives. In addition, with this study, I aimed to emphasize that spouses who take an honest, understanding and equal approach towards each other will not have any sexual problems they cannot solve.
    Happiness is not a utopia; By recognizing love, responsibility, affection and sacrifice, it is quite possible to create a base atmosphere that cannot be found outside between spouses at home. As long as the spouses who turn their daily lives into a climate of hate with their children and desertification, instead of turning an hour of the night into an oasis of love in the form of a mirage, they want to turn it into a longer-lasting happiness area.
    Of all these issues I tried to express about sexuality; I aimed to prepare this study as a guide that can help parents, educators and adolescents create a healthy sexual education and life, as I believe it is caused by a lack of education starting from childhood.
    Knowledge is a great virtue that drains the swamp of ignorance.

    Acknowledgments 7
    Preface 9
    Sexual Life and Law in Religions 16
    Sexual Life and Law in the Torah 16
    Sex Life and Law in the Bible 18
    Sexual Life and Law in the Quran 20
    Sexual Life and Law in Other Cultures and Religions 24
    The Mystery of Privacy 42
    History of Sexual Deviance 55
    Causes of Sexual Deviance 57
    Shame and Prohibited Aspects of Sexuality 68
    The Undeniable Aspects of Sexuality 71
    Is It Shameful To Ask Questions About Sexuality? 75
    What is Preparation for Sexual Relationship? Is it necessary? 78
    Childhood Sexuality Education 83
    Determining the Purpose of the Child's Sexuality Education 88
    Parental Attitudes in Sexuality Education 91
    Press Religion / Authoritarian Approach 92
    Liberating Approach 93
    Approaches to Expectation and Sexual Deviation 98
    Balancing Approach 101
    Sexuality Education in Adolescence 104
    Sexuality Education of Girls During Adolescence 107
    Sexuality Education of Men During Adolescence 112
    Sex Education in Youth 117
    Are Forced Marriages Moral? 132
    Is Intactness Before Marriage a Moral Value? 136
    Sexual Ethics in the Family 140
    Parents' Attitude towards Their Children 141
    Siblings' Attitudes Towards Each Other 144
    The Attitude of Spouses Towards Each Other 146
    Berdel Adin Bata 149
    Sexual Ethics in Social Life 150
    Prostitution, Sin, Shame, Prohibition and Ethical Value 163
    The Problem of Sexual Freedom and Virginity 178
    Virginity Controversy 185
    The Purpose of Sexual Ethics 191
    The Purpose of Individual Sexual Ethics 194
    Bye Serenat 199
    The Purpose of Interpersonal Sexual Ethics 200
    Sexual Abuse of Disabled People and Children 208
    Harassment, Rape and Sexual Ethics 212
    The Essence of the Word 215
    What Is Sexual Freedom? 223
    Sexual Suppression 224
    Liberation of Sexuality 237
    Marriage and Sexual Freedom 241
    Is Being Widowed the Woman's Second Hand? 247
    Causes of Infidelity 255
    Causes of Cheating 262
    Death of Marriage; Divorce 264
    Is Treason Accusation Cause Murder? 269
    Two Faces of Sexuality; Love and Lust 274
    Epilogue 283
    Bibliography 287
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