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  • Signs of Doomsday Pamuk Yayıncılık
    Naim Erdogan (Translation)
    Pamuk Publishing House
    Release Date: January 01, 2014
    Language Turkish
    Number of Pages: 310
    Skin Type: Hardcover
    Paper Type: High Quality Paper
    Size: 14x19

    To the misery of the people wandering around the streets in a complete mental crisis, to the left and right, to the heartbreak of chastity and destitute women wandering in an open and ridiculous manner except for their decency, to the huge buildings that reach the sky so that they pierce the heavens. If you take a look at the adultery, murders, bribes, unjust gains, unjust gains, revolts against the mother-father and the state, attacks against rights and truths, attitudes against mu-qaddata, and you think carefully, Doomsday. You will know that you are on the verge of! ..

    Allâme ve Muhakkik Eş-Şerif Muhammed b, who expressed the small and big signs of the Doomsday perfectly. By giving the name (Signs of the Doomsday under the light of hadiths) the work (al-Ishaatu li Esrâtıssâati) written by the Messenger of God, we have brought it to our language with the help of Allah ...

    In this work, you will see and read the minor and major signs of the Doomsday that has been wondered until today. You will not be late to realize that you are on the brink of Doomsday as soon as you gain knowledge on this matter.
    As for us; we translated the work with great care and attention. However, we disregarded the translation of the duplicates and some small and insignificant lines in the work, with the concern that it might tire and tire the reader. Thus, we wanted to come out perfectly smoothly against our Muslim brothers.

    Purpose; fame is not foolishness, it is service when it gets dark against Islam.

    While leaving our esteemed readers alone with the work that we have accomplished with the utmost permission, we ask God Almighty to make the most of the aforementioned book.

    Working is from us, and guidance and guidance are from Allah.

    M. Naim ERDOĞAN


    I saw Hafiz Celâleddin-i Süy Stî's work titled "Şer-hu's-Sudûr bi Şerhi Halil Mevtâ fil-Kubûr" and its content, which tells about the world of Barzah. He would have liked to write an additional book that will explain the evidences of Doomsday, the resurrection states of the world, the states of heaven and hell.

    Then, I witnessed that he wrote a book called "al-Büdûrü's-Safire fi Umûri'I- and Acirc; hira", which explains the situations that will follow this departure from the grave. However, I could not see a book written about the apocalypse signs. Probably he either did not write such a book or we could not see it.

    That is why, as Celâleddin-i Süyûtî wanted, I wanted to compose a very detailed book by including all the signs of Doomsday, which is between his book "Şerhu's-Sudûr" and "al-Büdûru's-Sâfire". May you be an intermediary or a pride for both.

    I put my trust in Allah in this matter, asking for His help, I started my speech as follows:

    About Doomsday, Allah (c.c.) states the following in the Quran:

    "The reckoning (days) of the people have come close. And yet they are still in heedlessness, it is disobedient (from contemplation )-
    "What do you know? Maybe that hour (Doomsday) will come soon.

    "Are they watching for someone else than that time that will happen to them, unaware of themselves?" * 3)

    "Are they still waiting for someone else from that hour (Doomsday) than when it will come to them suddenly? Here are its signs." * 4)

    (There are many more such verses about Doomsday.)

    As for the hadiths; it is too many to count. We will present only a part of this booklet.

    As it is known, the world is not a place in which to live eternally. It is not a permanent residence at all. He is only a shelter from his mansions to arrive at the hereafter (the road that stretches). You can go to the hereafter by making preparations there. It is reached there by maturing to Allah (c.c.).

    It is also a fact that the world has declared that it will disappear before it is established - as it is; taken aside. Therefore, every scholar must constantly write about the evidences of the Doomsday, hadiths and news that are varied and fixed on this issue among people. Maybe they will soften their hearts and avoid sin, wake up from heedlessness and take the opportunity as spoils.

    Here, I keep these situations in mind; I have written quite long on this subject, I did not mind the repetitions that occurred, quite unlike those who avoided it by writing concise articles. The aim is to awaken the deceived and to remind the awake. This effort of ours may be a and-silence for the approval of Allah (c.c.), who is Jabbar, and for us to enter Paradise.

    My wish from Allah (c.c.) is that my intention is pure and pure. Because deeds depend on intentions. Everyone will see their intentions paid off.

    I urge God Almighty to benefit all believers from my work and therefore forgive me, my past and my brothers and sisters in all respects.

    I named my book "Al-Ishaatu li Esrâtissâah". Although I had little deeds, I asked the Prophet (pbuh) to intercede.

    The boons of Allah (c.c.) bestowed are endless and countless. While I was wandering in this consciousness, I realized that I need a pre-eminence for this book.

    As it is known, the Apocalypse is extremely violent, rather terrifying.

    Time; it is endlessly long.
    That day, Allah (c.c.) will rule among all the people who have come to the world until the Day of Judgment ... He will justify believers against disbelievers and distinguish between hypocrites and devout people ... As a matter of fact, Allah (c.c.) said the following:

    "It is a day when all people will gather together, it is a day when (all the people without exception) will be ready." 5)

    "That hour (the torment of) is more troublesome and more painful."! 6)

    "O man and jinn, we will turn to you (to see your account) in the future." ^)

    Then today (Doomsday) will come suddenly as Allah's (c.c.) declaration in the Quran will come.

    He alone did not tell anyone when he would come. In his wounds, he only informed the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), but he prevented him from declaring his hour so that he was horrified and the people would not be afraid. Because it is a dreadful day, with more losses than profits!

    However, the Prophet Muhammad told all humanity about its conditions and signs in order to warn people, to abandon their selfishness and to prepare for that day with good deeds, and gave a lot of information on this issue.

    The doomsday are divided into three main:

    1) Signs that appeared long before the Day of Judgment that have taken place until today.

    2) Appear; but the evidences that are not finished yet, even increasing more and more every day.

    3) Close and great signs that the Doomsday will come as soon as it appears. And the world of beings will break off and scatter one by one, just like the rows of similes.

    Let us now explain these three chapters separately in their own parts. And Acirc; this arrangement, which I have not seen in anyone other than myself, will be more appropriate for memorizing and benefiting, I hope.

    The hadiths we mention in this book are generally taken from the following imam's books:

    Al-Hafiz Ibn Hajar al-Askalânî,
    El-Hâfız Celâleddin as-Süyûtî.
    Our sources have been books such as Ibni Hacer's Commentary on Bukhari (Fethu'I-Bârî) and Ce- laleddin as-Süyûtî (Eddürül-Mensûr, el-Hasâisu'l-Kübrâ, Cem'ul-Cevâmi). .

    The books of the honorable Imam Nuriddin Ali (Târîhu'l-Medine ve Cevâ-hiru'l-Akdeyn) are also among the sources we refer to. I write this so as not to mention them separately each time.

    A little of it belongs to (Tahrîcu'I-Mesâbih) - Al Hafız El-Menay, (As-sanâa) - Al Hafız as-Sehavî. - I have benefited from books like this.

    I wrote this introduction to prove that I did research and to enable the reader to consult the sources.

    My main purpose in compiling this book is to hoping the intercession of the Prophet (pbuh) and to crush his hadiths to Muslims. For this reason, we have edited the hadiths narrated with various narrations so that everyone can (easily) understand them. Those who fail to grasp the subtlety of the work think that this is a repetition.

    However, I have reported the same hadiths only where necessary and appropriate.

    I would like it to be known in this way so that there is no suspicion against the author.

    Tawfiq is from Allah (c.c.).


    Author's Translation 7

    Introduction to Art 9

    First part

    Signs of Doomsday 15

    The Conflict of His Messenger is One of the Signs of Doomsday 15

    The Martyrdom of Umar (r.a.) is One of the Signs of Doomsday 15

    Martyrdom of Emirü'l-Mu'minîn Osman (r.a.)

    Of The Signs Of Doom 28

    The Case of Jamel is One of the Signs of Doomsday 36

    The Siffin Case is One of the Signs of Doomsday 48

    The Case of Nehrevân is One of the Signs of Doomsday 53

    Ali's Son Hasan's (r.a.) Waiver from the Caliphate for the Assistant
    It is One of the Signs of Doomsday 57

    The Dominion of the Bani Umayya is One of the Signs of Doomsday 60

    The Martyrdom of Husayn is One of the Doomsday Signs 66

    The Extraordinary That Occurred on the Day Hussein's Martyrdom

    Events 72

    The Case of Hurre is One of the Signs of Doomsday 73

    Medina's Ruin after the Incident of Freedom

    Of the Signs of Doom 84

    Fitnas That Occur During the Time of the Mervanoğulları 87

    Fitnah that Occurred in the Time of the Abbasids

    Of the Signs of Doomsday 90

    The Fitnah of the Fatimids, their invasion of Egypt and the Maghrib

    Of the Doomsday 91

    One of the Signs of Doomsday is Karamita's Fitnah 93

    Kantura 96

    One of the Signs of Doomsday, Camels in Basra

    It is the Exit of the Fire from Hejaz that Will Brighten Their Necks 98

    The Appearance of the Rafidis, Their Conquest of Sovereignty, Sublime

    Language Extensions to Companions are also Signs of Doomsday 103

    The Appearance of False Prophets, Each Suffering for Prophecy, Doomsday

    Of His Signs 110

    When I Coming to Müseylemetü'l-Kezzab 114

    The Conquest of Jerusalem has also been counted among the Doomsday Signs ... 120

    The Conquest of Medâin is Also Counted among the Signs of Doomsday 121

    The Arab's Halâkı (Disappearance of Their Sovereignty

    One of the Signs of Doomsday 121

    The Abundance of Goods is One of the Doomsday Signs 122

    And the breaking of the mountains from their places

    It is Reported that there are Signs of Doomsday 122

    Three Sets of Doomsday Signs 123

    Frequent Occurrence of Earthquakes and Continuous

    Occurring as a Sign of Doomsday 125

    The Image Turning into the Image of an Monkey, Stone from the Sky

    Its Pillage is One of the Signs of Doomsday 127

    Red Wind (Violent Wind) and Major Events Doomsday

    Of His Signs 131

    The Closing of the Hajj Road and Hajar al-Aswad from the Kaaba

    Its abolition is One of the Signs of Doomsday 138

    As for the Abolition of Hajar al-Aswad 139

    Crushing the Head of Nations with Sky Stars

    Of the Signs of Doomsday 140

    The Sight of the Comet is One of the Doomsday Signs 141

    The Proliferation of Death Events is One of the Signs of Doomsday ... 141

    Seeing Mecca's Destruction Permissible

    Of the Signs of Doomsday 154

    Second part

    Signs of the Apocalypse 156

    (Conclusion) Some Hadiths on the Topic 178

    Third Part

    The Great Signs That Doomsday Will Break Immediately 182

    Mahdi 182

    First Stage, Name - Ancestry - Birth - Hilyesi -

    Subject to Him - Turning A Face From Him 183

    Second Stage 188

    As for the Signs That His Coming Is Approaching 189

    The Third Stage, The Strife That Will Occur Before The Mahdi Appears 190

    Back to the Story of the Ehl-i Khorasan 194

    Great and Severe War Is One of the Doomsday Signs 202

    The Killing of Nafs-Zekiyya 222

    The Appearance of Black Banners by Khorasan 223

    The Lung of the Place Takes Gold and Silver Out and

    Cums on 224

    Mine Collapse 225

    Sinking of a Village in Gavta, West of Damascus 225

    Going Down 226

    The Eclipse of the Sun and the Moon during Ramadan 227

    Comet Birth 228

    Twice of the Moon in Ramadan 228

    A Fire Will Appear By The East 228

    A Call From Heaven 229

    The Reaching of a Hand from Heaven 230

    The Appearance of the Kaaba's Treasures 230

    El-Melhametü'l-Uzmâ (The Great War) 231

    One Person Being Guardian of Fifty Women

    Rejoicing with Heritage and Loot 232

    The Conquest of Constantinople and Rumi 232

    Who is the Mahdi? 233

    The Appearance of the Antichrist 238

    The Reason for Calling the Antichrist as the Messiah 240

    Antichrist's Hily, Fitna 241

    Sireti 243

    Fitna (Trick and Desise) 244

    Are Heaven and Hell Really Indicated?

    Or Is It A Dream? 246

    Two Resembling Some of the Prophets Together

    An Angel Will Be Found and They Will Lie 249

    The Place, Time, Duration, How the Antichrist will Appear, and

    How To Get Rid Of It? Who Will Kill Him? 253

    The Place Where Dajjal Will Appear 253

    The Time of the Antichrist 253

    The Period of the Antichrist 254

    On How the Antichrist Will Come out 257

    The Way to Get Rid of the Antichrist 264

    Who Will Kill Him? When it comes to 265

    Conclusion 265

    The Story of the Antichrist Has Informed Us of Many Signs of Doom 274

    One of the Signs that will indicate that the Doomsday is Approaching

    It is the descent of Jesus Christ 275

    About the First Stage Hily and Sireti 276

    Sireti (Movement and Behavior) 276

    When and Where the Second Phase Jesus (a.s.) Will Descend

    It's About What Jobs Will Do 278

    The Third Stage Will Remain on Earth After Descending From Heaven

    About His Death with Time 279

    Ye'cüc - Me'cüc. One of the Near and Great Signs that Will Occur Before Doomsday is Ye'cüc - Me'cüc

    Appearance 282

    First Authority Progeny (Lineages) 283

    Second Authority is About Hilye and Sirets 284

    The Appearance of the Third Authority, Ye'cüc and Me'cüc,

    About their ifsaded and their subsequent destruction 287

    The Story of Jesus Christ Many Signs of Doomsday

    Contain 288

    One of the Signs That Will Occur Close to Doomsday

    It is the Ruin of Medina 291

    The Appearance of Kahtâni, Jehcâh, Heysem and Mak'ad 294

    The Destruction of the Kaaba, the Taking of its Ornaments, Its Treasures

    Removing is One of the Great Signs of the Doomsday 297

    (Result) Dispute About When The Kaaba Will Be Destroyed

    Carved 298

    The Sun Rising from the West, The Appearance of Dâbbetü'l-Ard

    One of the Great Signs of the Doomsday 301

    Gate of Repentance 305

    How Long Will People Stay on Earth After the Sun Rises from the West? 307

    If the Time Returns and Extends after the Sun Rises from the West, If an Unbeliever was a Muslim within this Period,

    Is A Sinner Accepted If He Does Repent? 309

    Conclusion 312

    Dâbbetü'l-Ard is also one of the Signs of Judgment 314

    Scheme 315

    Departure 315

    Appearance (Exit) 317

    One of the Signs of Doomsday is Smoke 319

    Beautiful Wind 320

    One of the Signs of Doomsday is the Quran's Mushaf

    and Raised From Breasts 326

    The Fall of the Kaaba is One of the Signs of Doomsday 326

    People Turning Puta Again 327

    The Wind That Will Throw People To The Sea (Hurricane)

    Of the Doomsday 327

    The Shortening of Time and Days are Signs of Doomsday 328

    The Fire that will Come out of the Gulf of Aden. This is one of the Doomsday Signs. This Fire Comes Out People

    The Judgment Will Take 328

    The Result, Will This Suffering Before Judgment Day?

    Or Will It Happen on the Day of Judgment? According to First Option

    Is Fire the True Fire? Or Is It Metaphorical Fire? 332

    (Result) 340 That The World Has A Life Of Seven Thousand Years
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