The Holy Quran - Plain Arabic - Mosque Length - Audio - Ayfa Quran - Computer Calli

Ayfa Yayınevi
Product Code : 9789944933711
Sealed by Religious Affairs, Easy to Read, Computer Line, Mosque Length 25x34 cm, Ayfa Publications
215.00 TL
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    The Holy Quran 25x34 cm Mosque Length.

    Quran with a stylish cover design in red.

    It is a luxurious hardcover QURAN.

    Approved and Sealed by the Presidency of Religious Affairs Examination of Mushafs and Recitation Board

    It has been prepared as Page Amount, Berkenar, Secavendli, Medli and Kasırlı, Loyal to Hafız Osman Line.

    From the calligraphy that millions of people learned to read the Quran. COMPUTER LINE AND EASY TO READ.


    With the barcode program (Google Play and App Store) you can download to your phone, you can listen to both translation and Arabic by voice.

    1. Dough Shamua is printed on paper. It is slightly yellowish paper.

    Images were taken in our own studio by our own photographer. The same will arrive.

    AYFA publications KURANI KERIM.

    2,142 gr.
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