The Holy Quran - Turkish Recitation without Arabic - Shamua Paper - Medium Size - Esma Yayınları

Esma Yayınları
Product Code : 9789756354575
Hafız Osman, Shamua Paper, Hardcover, 17x24 cm
285.00 TL
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    Author: Hafız Osman
    Prepared by: H. Mustafa Varlı
    Publication Year: 2012
    Place of Publication: İstanbul
    Number of Pages: 640
    Paper Type: Chamois Paper
    Size: 17 x 24 cm
    Language: Turkish Only
    Skin Condition: Hardcover

    My honorable brothers, I have completed the Holy Qur'an in Latin letters. I seek forgiveness of my Lord Almighty and you scholar brothers because of my mistakes that have been unknowingly or mistakenly overlooked. Although my brothers and sisters are correct, since the Latin letters are not fully sufficient, I have added a letter to you that will teach you the Quran as soon as possible. I advise you to read the Quran in the original text, not in Latin letters. So how happy I am if I have served you.
    Mustafa Varli

    O our Lord, whose mercy is abundant, and whose forgiveness is eternal! You granted us a religion like Islam, a book like the Quran. Thank you forever, do not separate us from your guidance and grace, O Lord. Treat it with your reference to our sentence for the sake of Habibin Muhammed Mustafa (S.A.V.) whom you sent as a mercy to the worlds; Do not look at the land of our faces, do not burn the pomegranate in hell, you are the Rahim, You are the Kerim. Make us happy in the world and the hereafter, O Lord. Here, please, please and accept the Qur'an-ı azîmül burhan (read Marshmallow Şerifî), to whom we are humble, praise. He was the master of the universe, the prophet of insu jin, the prophet of the two world prophets, Hz. We made Muhammad Mustafa (S.A.V.) a gift to the poor and impotent for the blessed, magnificent grace, saintliness, gentle spirit of our master. May the soul of the Messenger of God be pleased with all of us and all of our past, give them and our sentence to their supreme intercession, O Lord, with the promises of our Prophet, to the holy spirits of the Prophet's explanation, âl ü ezvâcı tahirât, ashâb-i distinguished rıdânâbi tâni-Allahi tebe-i tâbi'în, suing-i dîn-i mübîn, müfessirîn, muhaddisîn, ulemâ-i âmilîn, sulehâ-i salihîn, mayih-i vâsilîn, kurrâ-i kamilîn,huffaz-ı tullâb and cemî-i hamele-i Quran and all our martyrs and all people of faith; and we made a gift to the souls of the Ahl-i Faith (who is the owner of this hatim) who died in the hereafter, who were from his ancestors and relatives, who died in the hereafter. Make your graves pure as Paradise with the light of the recited Quran Azimüşşân; Make them and our sentence attain the intercession-i Quran and the intercession-i prophet, O Lord. Make the souls of believers who have passed into the hereafter from our parents, brothers and sisters, and all our relatives, even this congregation-i Muslim, who has come to this council from a distance and call it amin, shareholder in this table of the Qur'an. Light the graves of your sentence and make your positions Paradise. and Acirc; God bless those who say. When we set out on the journey to the hereafter, like our Muslim brothers, whose names we remember with mercy, our last words are to be tawheed and the Quran, our words are Allah, Allah and our eyes are to heaven-i ala and cemal-i Muhammed Mustafa. O Lord, let our sentence be honored with little pain, human death and perfect faith. Allow us to prepare for death by taking the conditions of those who went to the hereafter before us, O Lord. Awaken us from the slumber of heedlessness; Faith, our hearts darkened by the dirt of the world, are the lights of the Quran, O Lord. Yâ Erhamerrâhimîn; Confirm the religion of Islam with your Rursat and enlighten humanity with the light of faith, O Lord. We Muslims are always cherished and dignified, and make our enemies zealous and poetic, O Lord. Protect our beautiful homeland, O Lord, from visible and invisible accidents. Make our state and nation dominant.
    Make our armies steadfast and victorious, and let the religion of Islam be, O Lord. O Lord! Do not separate our impure nation from this honor, which has served your religion for over a thousand years and served as the flag-bearer of Islam; Make those who want to separate us from this holy service, ruin them with the name of Kahhar, O Rabbi. O Rabbel of the world! Cures for the sick believers cure those who are afflicted. May those who are in debt have good deeds, those who are nâmurad are bermurad, and the ummah Muhammad, who is the nâşâd, will be the one who is in charge as soon as possible, O Lord. Bless those who cause this hatm-i sheriff to be read in two worlds. Honor all your past and sentences with heaven and your community, O Lord. Make our prayers based on the supplements made in the Ka'ba-i Muazzama and Ravza-i Mutahhara, O Rabbi. Let us read this marshmallow and make those who contributed to the tabulation of these copies shareholders.
    (and Acirc; min and Acirc; min bi homage of Tâhâ ve Yasin, velhamdülillâhi Rabbilâlemîn.)
    H. Mustafa VARLI
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