The Holy Quran with Arabic Turkish Recitation and Mealli - Triple Quran - Medium - Seda Publishing House - Computer Line

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Product Code : 9789944929134
Mealli Quran with Arabic Text, Turkish Reading, Medium Size (17x24 cm)
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    Meal: The Deceased Elmalılı Hamdi YAZIR
    Simplified by: Mehmed Şirin DOĞAN (Retired Çanakkale Mufti)
    Title of Work: Medium Size Triple Qur'an-i Meal
    Subtitle: Very Easy-to-Read Computer Line
    Line: Kadir Güneş Computer Line
    Publisher: Seda Publications
    Language of the Work: Arabic - Turkish
    Paper Information: 70 gr Chamois
    Cover Information: Plastered Binding Back Stitched
    Print Date: 2017
    Number of Impressions: 6th EDITION
    Number of Pages: 624
    Size X, Y, Z (mm.) Width, Length: 17 x 24 cm


    One of the word meanings of the Quran, which is a guide to guidance, is to read. Since it is the most read and should be read, it has been named the Quran, meaning the book to be read. For him, understanding, living and narrating this magnificent book is a duty that every Muslim will focus on sensitively.

    The Quran, which is the main source of Islamic beliefs and worship, social, economic and legal system, in short, the complete knowledge of Islam, is through the Prophet Gabriel (a.s.). Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) Was ordered privately in approximately twenty three years.
    The commandment of the Quran for twenty-three years according to different reasons and conditions and at different times is closely related to the way it follows a training method that is suitable for the psychology of the person he wants to guide and improve. Because people who have reason, free will and thought; It has the ability to learn, understand and adapt. It requires a time for him to abandon a habitual behavior as well as to get used to anything, and the fact that the Quran comes down from time to time is based on this.

    Just as the whole Mushaf is called the Quran, some even a part of it can be called the Quran.
    The Quran has been described in different ways with its various features. Among them, it is possible to describe it as follows. "The Qur'an is the miracle word of Almighty Allah, which was sent down to Prophet Muhammad in Arabic during his twenty-three years of prophethood, originating from revelation in its word and meaning, starting with Surah al-Fatiha and ending with Surah Nas, written in mushafs, narrated as mutawatir and worshiped with his recitation. "

    As stated in the verses, the Quran was sent not only to Arabs but to all humanity. Learning and living with its versatile features and superiorities is actually a great good and a very important task.

    It is also a deed of worship to read, listen, read and teach the Quran in addition to being read in basic prayers such as prayer. It is fard to learn and memorize the amount of verses to be read in prayer, as it is fard to perform prayers. Therefore, throughout the history of Islam, Muslims have attached great importance to reading the Quran and learning and teaching it in every century and throughout the Islamic world.

    It is not possible for humans to create a miracle similar to the Quran in its word and meaning, it is not possible to produce a miracle, its writing, preserving its originalness, arrangement of verses and suras, the way of dealing with issues, informing the world of the hereafter, and all the news and information given are correct. it is one of the remarkable features that belong to it.

    The Quran, which does not resemble any work in terms of style, is the ancient word of Almighty Allah. The mushafs we have are the manifestations of the original in the realm of matter, whose plate is Mahfuz.

    Although the exact information our Prophet commanded is based on revelation, not all of them are included in the Qur'an. As it is known, the words revealed by Almighty Allah through revelation are called "Quran". Prophet Muhammad (a.s.) in reference to the Almighty Allah "holy hadith" and apart from these words Hz. The words, deeds and decrees of the Prophet are called "hadiths".

    The Quran has been translated from Arabic to other languages ​​and many commentaries have been written in different languages, including Arabic. The goal is for the message of the Qur'an to reach true believers. Therefore, the Quran has been translated into many languages ​​of the world up to now. Since it is not possible to translate the meaning of the Qur'an into other languages ​​through literal translation, translations made in this field are referred to as "meal" (meaning "conclusion" in the dictionary).

    Today, many people in the world become Muslim every day either by reading and listening to the original of the Quran or by turning to its interpretations. This situation, while showing what kind of a book the Quran is, on the other hand, it screams to humanity. We wanted to present the translation of our famous commentator Elmalılı Hamdi Yazır in his interpretation of "Hak Dini Quran Language", with some changes for the readers to understand easily by remaining true to the original. Considering the demands of the publishing house, we preferred to make the original text more understandable, sometimes by opening parentheses and sometimes by simplifying it. Finally, we thank the owners and managers of Seda Publishing for their efforts in preparing and publishing this translation, and we ask Allah Almighty that this work will be beneficial.
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