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    Details Embroidered with Ancient Historical Symbols of the Turkish Nation
    Featured Crescent and Star Detail Embroidered with Velvet Fabric
    In Special Protected Box
    TÜRKBOYTU Booklet Explaining All the Details of the Figurine
    Height: 32.5cm
    Width: 15.1cm
    Weight: 1500g

    The date is 2023...
    We designed TÜRKBOYTU specifically for the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Türkiye.

    We crowned our crescent and star in our hearts with 100 crystals, referring to 100 years;
    Saying, "Today is where we have come from without forgetting the prices we paid."

    And we wanted to remind you that we are not a nation of 100 years.

    History has never witnessed a tree without roots.
    As a matter of fact, we were the heirs of the 600-year-old Ottoman Empire, whose shadow stretched across the world. Based on this heritage, we included the Ottoman State coat of arms on one side of TÜRKBOYTU.

    Since our flag is the stately heritage of our ancestors, we especially designed the crescents and stars of our banners.

    With the shield we used, separating it from the coat of arms on the other side of TÜRKBOYTU, we wanted to point out both the source of the Presidential Coat of Arms and the material and spiritual ground on which we stand.

    The basis of the Ottoman Empire was a 300-year construction and development process of the Seljuks. In order to express this continuity, we designed this area in the form of the Seljuk Star and colored it with Turkish Turquoise crystals. Considering the ornamental style of the period; We processed it with our interpretation of muqarnas and Rumi motifs.

    The Seljuks also had a Turkish history dating back to BC.
    We embroidered the flags of 16 Turkish States on the base of TÜRKBOYTU, which we created from the Seljuks, representing all the Turkish States and nations established by the Turks in their historical adventure, using the marbling method known as Turkish Paper.
    Because we knew that "Not falling far from its roots is the principle on which every rise stands."

    Our Republic of Turkey derives its power to always look forward from this ancient past in its roots.

    Saying, "If he is this powerful, the earth on which he feeds will give as much space for his glory."
    We positioned our flag facing the sky as a prayer.

    In TÜRKBOYTU, we explained the historical continuity of the Turkish Nation from top to bottom.

    By designing TÜRKBOYTU in the form of ALEM, we tried to portray how the Turkish Nation identifies with Islam.

    In short... TÜRKBOYTU, the Conqueror of the World, has the history of this nation, which rises again and again from its ashes and greater every time, in its body from the Universe.

    Now let's raise our eyes slowly and look at TÜRKBOYTU again.

    How many hundred years? How many thousand years?..

    The soul is the same, only the body changes
    It's a history that you follow, its roots are in the past
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