Ultra Luxury Taffeta Prayer Rug Set-4

Product Code : 4897654301879
100% Domestic Production Gift Kaeli Quran Set with Prayer Rug
249.00 TL
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  • Ultra Luxury Taffeta Prayer Rug Set

    Product Content :
    1 Piece Velvet Covered Yasin
    1 piece of Miswak
    1 Piece Taffeta Prayer Rug
    1 Piece 99 Pearl Rosary
    1 Piece of Kaaba Cover Essence
    1 Piece Skullcap
    1 Piece Set Box (34x25Cm)
    Total Weight : 1470 gr

    Velvet Yasin Features:

    12x16 cm Bag Velvet Lined 128 Pages Yasin
    Specially Covered With Luxurious Velvet Fabric
    Mirrored Elif and Vavlı Plexiglass Cut by Laser Method
    In all of our Velvet Covered Yasins, there are protective corner irons that ensure that the pages are not damaged and that the coated velvet fabric is fixed.

    Features of the Book of Yasin-i Şerif (With Index):

    It is written in computer calligraphy and easy-to-read large font.
    Arabic Text
    Latin (Turkish) Pronunciation
    Meali (Turkish Meaning)
    with index
    128 Pages
    Bag Length (12 x 16cm)
    Shamua Paper
    The Content of the Book of Yasin-i Sharif (With Recitations and Meanings)
    Elif Lam Mime
    Surah Yasin
    Surah Vakia
    Surah Friday
    Surah Mulk (Blessings)
    Surah An-Naba (Amma)
    Ayet-el Kursi
    Surah Inshirah
    Surah Asr
    Surah Humaza
    Surah Elephant
    Surah Quraysh
    Surah Mahogany
    Surah Kevser
    Surah Kafirun
    Surah Nasr
    Surah Tabbat
    Surah Ikhlas
    Surah Falaq
    Yasin Prayer
    Salat-i Tefriciye
    Salat- Munciye (Tuncina)

    Taffeta Prayer Rug Features:

    Weight: 220 grams
    Size: 115 cm x 68 cm
    It is easy to carry and use due to its light and thin structure.
    It is a product in the economic class
    Made of Shiny Thread.
    It is a kind of fabric with different colors of knitting and weft.
    The quality and price of the product vary according to the quality of the yarn used and the weight of the yarn used.
    What is Taffeta?: Silky Rigid Fabric With Weft And Knitting Of Different Colors, Therefore It Gives An Iridescent Effect As It Moves In It.

    Pearl Rosary Features:

    6mm Diameter
    Kaaba Cover Essence Product Features:

    3cc Essence
    Glass bottle
    Special Boxed
    The essence of the Kaaba cover is the same principle that has been used for many years in the scenting of the Kaaba. It is completely original and alcohol free. Kaaba cover is produced by using natural resin extracts to increase the permanence of the fragrance essence.
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