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  • Vacuum Miswak 3 Pieces
    Our Master the Prophet (saas) said: Gabriel (A.S.) used to recommend a miswak to me every time. I am even afraid that it would be fard for me and my ummah.

    1- It is the sunnah of our Master the Prophet that he never abandoned.
    2- Allah gives the consent of the right,
    3- It improves the smell of the mouth.
    4- It polishes the eyes,
    5- Soothes eye pain,
    6- A smooth and harmonious speech develops in the language of a person who uses Miswak.
    8- It improves the tone of voice,
    9- Prevents tooth decay,
    10- Prevents recession of gums,
    11- It gives strength to the palate,
    12- Analyzes sputum,
    13- Increases intelligence,
    14- It delays old age,
    15- In addition to death, it is a cure for every problem,
    16- It calms the hemorrhoid disease,
    17- It offends the devil,
    18- He pleases the angels,
    19- It facilitates agony,
    20- It reminds the word-i shahada,
    21- It causes to go with faith,
    22- Beautifies the face,
    23- Strengthens the heart, stomach and eye nerves,
    24- It facilitates digestion,
    25- Opens the mind, facilitates memorization,
    26- A prayer performed with a miswak is better than a seventy-rak'ah prayer performed without a miswak.
    27- Imam-i Evzai Hz. They said that using a miswak is half of wudu'.
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