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Warnings and Conversations M. Nazif Gözükara- Karaca Yayın
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  • Warnings and Conversations M. Nazif Gözükara- Karaca Yayın

    Published Date 2013-04-30
    ISBN 9944191388
    Number of Impressions 1st Edition
    Language Turkish
    Number of Pages 968
    Skin Type Bound
    Paper Type Book Paper
    17 x 24 cm

    You are reviewing the book, Sermons and Conversations to Believers, prepared by Karaca Publishing House. You can read the comments about M. Nazif Gözükara, Warning for the Believers, Conversations, and get extensive information about the subject, summary, price and terms of sale of the book.

    Read in the name of the Creator Lord. He created man out of "alaq". Read, Your Lord is the most generous. Alak 1-2

    Sermons and Conversations to the Believers - Warning Conversations


    What are the issues and deeds that a Muslim brother who wants to learn his religion should know and pay attention to in the first place? In order to find this necessary information in a book, not by referring to different sources, but a little ...

    Be it a resource for our brothers who are preachers, teachers, or teach at home, so that our believing brothers can learn the creed, fiqh, moral, ethical and mental explanations of some issues.

    At the same time, so that we can hear a little different things, move away from the love of the world and head towards the hereafter, know why we came to this world, where we went, and what our duty is ...

    In conclusion, so that we can embrace genuine repentance and fulfill the requirements of our servitude, so that we can get rid of the torment of Hell and enter Paradise ...


    Elhamdülillahi Rabbil wa Acirc; lemin. Vessafâtü Vesselâmu Ala Muhammedin and Ala Ali Muhammed

    My dear readers!

    Before reading this book, I ask you to pray, "O Lord, forgive your servant who wrote this book, bring your mercy to him." I would like to indicate to you, my readers, the reasons for writing this book. As you know, many books are written on every subject today. There is little point in writing similar works again. Books and religious works abound in today's environment. In addition, people who want it from radios, CDs, internet media and sometimes television programs can easily obtain a lot of information. When a person is told something about his religion, if he hears it for the first time, he / she listens to him with full attention and is very impressed by him. But now it is not easy to deliver something that they have not heard to people who have received religious education. Since the stories described have been heard or read somewhere before, the effect of the narratives also decreases.

    Here I am the helpless servant: "Can I offer a little different information other than what my believing brothers have heard and know? I thought. While trying to do this, I tried not to fill the book, but to bring useful things from solid sources. When you look at the index of the book, maybe you will say, "These are subjects I know of". But I tried to approach these issues in a slightly different way. I explained the necessary matters to a Muslim in a way that he declared his profit and loss. I briefly touched upon issues of creed and fiqh in the subjects covered. I mentioned the benefits of doing that worship and the penalties for leaving.

    Another point is that I tried to touch upon some engineering issues and to shed some light on the issues that need to be explained mentally, in order to get the reader to think a little.

    While writing the work, I tried to make the book easy to understand and fluent. the narrative style of the topics is as if the reader is spoken to and discussed. Maybe there may be some local phrases in it. Therefore, I ask my reader brother to make his rightful lawful. And every human being will die, and we will taste mu-haul death like every soul. The books of deeds will be closed; but those who leave a useful work will not be closed but will remain open. This helpless brother of yours also tried to write this book to get this good news. In the hope that this will be a benefit in the way of Islam, he embarked on this auspicious work by making a glass of the tears of your sinful brother into this burning fire. Unintentional mistakes and mistakes are on my own. The beauty is that Hz. The luminous Islamic religion brought by Muhammad (pbuh) belongs to the Quran.

    O my brother who reads this book! While you are reading this book, I may have migrated to the realm of survival, which I will be. Do not forget to pray to your brother in need of this prayer, to his mother and father, and to mercy and forgiveness from the exalted mawla, who is that erhamurrahmin!

    It goes from this world. He sees the reward for his deeds. He stays alone there, needs a prayer. Do not be proud human beings, how much is your end? (warning conversations, preaching and chats to believers, books, chats book, read sermon chats, conversation sermon book, m. Online sales, cheap book, online sales, author, translation, Karaca publishing house chats, chats sermons, M. Nazif Gözükara Conversation Book)

    m. graceful


    1-At first, efforts were made to be written in an easy language.

    2- Sometimes the meaning meant to be explained in verses and hadiths may differ from the meaning in the apparent. When the real meaning expressed by the verse and hadith is not written, the reader may fall into different creeds and deeds. Therefore, we prefer verses and hadiths, which are not different from their original nature, as much as possible. In some places, we were contented with the apparitions of verses and hadiths. It may have other meanings, we left the possibility to the reader's research or added additional information as a footnote below. We tried to reduce this misunderstanding to the bottom line. Of course, there were some exceptions.

    Some of our brothers and sisters read a verse or hadith that are available for different meanings even though they are not competent, and immediately determine their creed and deeds according to its apparent meaning. This kind of move would be to be in juggling. In order to reach the most accurate information, one should know the other verses, hadith-i sharifs and the history of Islam very well, and how Islamic scholars interpret the verses and hadiths related to that subject, what kind of judgment they have made on this subject, it is necessary. Particularly, it is very important to look at what the majority of Islamic scholars have said. If the meaning we give to the verses and hadiths is contrary to the judgment given by Islamic scholars, that is, the consensus and the congregation, one should put aside our own thoughts and believe in the decree of Islamic scholars and act in that way. If the Mujtahids hit on religious issues, they would receive two rewards, and if they were wrong, they would receive one reward. Some of our poor brothers do not like the consensus of the Islamic scholars and the judgments made by the mujtahids, they either believe and act in their own way, or look at the words of one or two people that will make a mess.

    In religious matters, he who acts according to the judgment made by the majority of Islamic scholars and determines his belief as they say, he will stick to a solid handle.

    "If you act with the unanimous agreement of scholars;

    What they dispute won't hurt you "
    (Davud b.Ebi Hind)

    3- In addition, while writing this book, we tried not to leave room for doubtful questions and to avoid useless disputes as much as possible. We especially tried to avoid bigotry. Because it is difficult for a person to attain real knowledge and find the right without getting rid of bigotry, the effects around him, the necessities of nature, emotionality, excess and tefrit.

    Today, many people adjust religious orders according to their own mind, feelings, nature and conscience. He does not accept anyone who does not fit his mind or nature. It would be difficult to explain Allah's orders to people who act with such feelings. There has now been such a conviction that situations that were considered shame and sin were now regarded as praised. In the previous Islamic society, openness was considered a shame and a sin. Now, such a society has formed that sees openness as progressivism, as superiority. But he despises his fellowship. It is very difficult to explain the right to people with such a mindset. If a person does not live as he believes, he begins to believe as he lives. This is how today's society has fallen. Even the harams have started to seem normal because of the long stay in harams.

    Here, O believing brother, if you want to find the truth, try to walk in the middle, stay away from extravagance and mischief. When you decide whether something is true or not, just don't be crushed under the influence of your mind, emotions and nature. The clever person is the right and the sidewalk. It is not doing bigotry. So when you are going to decide whether something is right or wrong, have the necessary information and mental information. Know and evaluate the views of Islamic scholars well. Never quit walking in the middle, abandon questionable matters. Act with certain information and seek true and beneficial knowledge from Allah.

    We tried to prove the issues with sound hadiths and news. In addition, since the topics covered are expressions that encourage advice and deeds, we sometimes cite the meanings of the hadiths we have mentioned and the words attributed to the Companions, in cases where we do not see a religious right, as we read without going to the source of the news. Or we were contented with mentioning the name of the book we bought. If serious sources are not mentioned in the words and deeds that are mentioned as belonging to the Companions and the Prophet, it means that they are attributed to them. In such cases, similar expressions such as "according to what is narrated, spoken, or what came in the news" were used to indicate the weakness of the news. Our brothers and sisters, who want to reach more sound information on these issues, should inquire about their source. I ask my Almighty Lord to forgive our mistakes in these matters.

    Similar topics were not put side by side in ordering the topics in the book so that the reader does not encounter similar expressions often.

    Also, in this work, I wanted to share my thoughts and feelings with the reader. I tried to put a little bit of my heart into the pages. I tried to avoid unnecessary extensions that would not be of any use to Muslims and to give them the information they needed. In short, we tried to write less and give much information. In addition, we often mentioned the topic of prayer in our lessons. This is due to the importance our religion attaches to prayer. Because after belief comes prayer. Even the faith of those who do not pray is in danger.

    May my Lord make his influence pop. If he had not guided us, we would not have been guided.


    O brother! Now wake up from heedless sleep. One day, Azrail (a.s.) will wake you up. Then waking up won't help you either. Before you die, come to your senses while you have the opportunity, with your soul. Know you're not coming to the world for games and fun! There are duties assigned to you in this world. Your duty is servitude. You have two fierce enemies, self and devil, who want to hold you from this mission. Contemplation hand! Think that sins have no end! Imagine that someday you will be taken into account for all your actions in this world! The day will come, you will grow old, even if you want to sin, you will not be able to.

    Since sins, pleasures and pleasures will leave us, then leave them before they leave you so that you may have a cadence in the sight of Allah. Do not be fooled by the tastes of the world! It is like a dream. The day comes and goes. The world is unfaithful, it makes you a pleasure, hundreds of pains taste.

    The pleasures of the world are transitory, the pleasures of the hereafter are eternal and continuous. And it is very beautiful. Is it reasonable to lose the pleasures of the hereafter for the pleasures of the world? You know this truth too. Don't even harm yourself. Don't even put yourself in danger. Do not say that I cannot afford the devil or soul. The punishment for going in the way of the devil is to burn in the fire. Have you ever thought about what a fire burn is? We, the helpless servants, who cannot bear the heat of the bath, even the pain, I wonder how they will strengthen the fire of Hell, have you ever thought? How will your heart endure the terrible scenes of the hereafter?

    What can a person, who is afraid of being alone in a dark room in the world, appear to him at the moment of death as the Azrael looked terrible to the sinner? When Ka-birde sees Münker Nekir in the pit of loneliness, in the chest of deeds, how will his heart hold? How will he be when every evil morality in the world becomes a snake and a scorpion and bit him?

    O person who thinks he is brave! When you see the Hellfire and the sequence, your heart will melt if you have a stone in the face of these scenes. Are you preparing with such obstacles in front of you? If you are not doing it, you have to sit down and cry. You should ask Allah Almighty for help. You have to hold repentance. You who can't stand hunger. You cannot stand the thirst, the heat, the cold. Don't you still understand your helplessness? With what courage and Acirc do you oppose the Lord of the Worlds. I wish you knew who he was opposing. If only those who were immersed in the world and forgot their servanthood and duty could see a little bit of the hard days ahead. They stopped eating and drinking, they would not laugh, they would cry.

    O poor person! Return to your Lord. You are going the wrong way. Leave the wrong way, come to repent. There are dangers, difficulties, horrible things and fire at the end of that road. Where are you going? Come back, come back! .. Look, you are getting older, your life is shortening, you are losing your beauty, you are losing your strength and health slowly. You will be counted on from these blessings. "Where did you spend your life, where did you exhaust your health and strength?" will be called. If you spent in the way of Allah, how happy you are. No, if you were in the way of the devil, pity you, woe to you ..

    Every person is born, grows old, and dies. This is the law of Allah Almighty. Then he enters the grave, meets in the square of judgment, or enters Paradise or Hell. You decide where you are the candidate.

    O human beings! Look at those who have come and gone before you. Look at those who lie under the ground as the crown of a conqueror, take a lesson. Don't say I will die later. Every future is near. Don't be fooled by the devil. Those before you used to say there is much more to death; but they also saw that the life they said do not know is over, like the blink of an eye. It's like a dream! Knowing lice; but how will it be next? Death is not easy, missing paradise is not something to be downgraded. Let's prepare righteous deeds that will easily overcome these difficulties. Let's repent immediately and start prayer. Let's learn the Quran and the orders of our religion. Until we die, let's be either a learner or a teacher so that we can have real peace. His peace and happiness is not in sins; Let us seek in obeying the orders of the Lord and in succession to the soul.

    The Almighty Creator will punish them both in the world and in the hereafter by taking the peace of the rebellious servants in their hearts, and in the hereafter, he will incur greater torments. He will give peace to the hearts of those who follow their orders, and will make them enter Paradise, which is the greater reward in the hereafter. "All the pleasures of those who pursue the desires of the insatiable soul cannot coincide with a little spiritual peace" Because pleasure is something different; Being peaceful is a different thing! Although there is pleasure in sins, there is regret, restlessness, spiritual suffering and hellfire behind it. If he is obeying the orders of the Lord, there is peace, happiness and heaven.

    Even if the obedient servants are sad, their hearts are filled with peace and light because they seek the approval of Allahu Tealâ in their sorrow. Sorrow due to worldly and sins is a cruelty to the heart. What kind of heart do people who do not know their Lord and commit their sins without any discomfort? It is very difficult to understand. As people continue to sin, their hearts darken and almost cut into stones. Now, they do not see the truth and do not pay attention to the events!

    Unfortunately, we have nothing to do with those who say yes, you are telling the truth and insist on the wrong path. Something we can do is prayer.

    O Lord, guide your servants. Protect them from hellfire and do not deprive us of your mercy! (& Acirc; min)

    Does he bestow a favor? Alas!

    Regret not done on time ..!


    "Before the eyes close to the hair of repentance (sins)

    See your account before the book is closed! "



    This book was completed with the guidance and help of Allah Almighty. May my Lord encompass all the scholars whose books I have benefited from with mercy, blessings and blessings. May he protect us from hypocrisy and show off, and great polytheism. May the little effort we have done in his own way be very accepted. Make our faith in our sentence companion while dying. Let him be one of his servants who act because he reads us. Let him not be arrogant, but those who have humility and understand God's helplessness in the face of knowledge. Be of those who think there is one more knowing person above each knowing. May it give us the right, the right and the self-righteous.

    O Allah, the most merciful of the merciful! It is your glory to forgive.

    You like to forgive, forgive us too. Act from your servants who attained salvation by entering your paradise. Our Prophet Hz. Make it neighbor to Muhammad (s.a.w.). O Lord, you are exalted, you are free of incomplete attributes, you are capable of everything. You are the most worthy of worship and worship. We cannot do justice to the blessings you give. We are incapable of serving you properly or praising you properly. You are great as you decreed yourself, you are great. Even when we fall into false beliefs without realizing it, O Lord! How you gave orders, whatever way you wanted us to believe, we believed so. Forgive our mistakes, wrongs and sins!

    May my Lord bless all our brothers who contributed to the completion of this book and the Muslims who read this book, both in this world and in the hereafter, and protect them from the fire of Hell. (& Acirc; min)


    Why Was This Book Written?

    This is my holy
    While Writing the Book

    What has been paid attention to? Warning Faith and Islam Allah (C.C.) The Holy Quran Hz. Muhammed (SAV) Prayer Ramadan and Fasting Zakat And Pilgrimage Hajj Repentance Loving Allah's Messenger Patience Patience Patience Patience Patience Patience Imprisonment Patience Against Death Events Anger and Hilim World Love Science and Acirc; Lim Dilsalâvat-ı Şerife Importance of Islam Brotherhood of Allah and hypocrisy, fear of Allah, thank God, adultery, courage, bad opinion, seeking fault, bad friend generosity and stinginess interest and talaq death dhikr grave arrogance and modesty apocalypse (hash) good morality heaven is a lie, RIGHT COMES TO CHAMBER. SALT AND MUSAFAHA EMRİ BİL MARUF NEHYİ ANİL MÜNKER HIJAB BRIBERY PRAYER LOYALTY MOTHER AND FATHER RIGHTS KID'S RIGHTS WOMEN'S RIGHTS OVER THE KIDS THE IMPORTANCE OF EVLAT HAKKI (YOUTH) MOSQUE AND COMMUNITY SILA-I RAHIM (VIEWING AND OBSERVING RELATIVES) FRIDAY DAY AND THE RIGHT OF NAMAZI NEIGHBOR TO CUM THREE MONTHS (RECEB AND REGAIB) Mİ'RAC KANDİLİ SHABAN AYI VE BERIL KADIR; RAMADAN BAYRAMIHZ NIGHT. THE BIRTH OF THE PEYGAMBER (S.A.V.) CHRISTIAN CHRISTMAS (MUHARREM AND ASHURA DAY) MILADI CHRISTMAS QUEST
    Karaca Publications M. Nazif Gözükara Warning for Believers

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