Yıldızname - H. Mustafa Varlı

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Product Code : 9789759281274
This is an Astrology Book on the Effects of Stars on Humans
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    Product features :
    Published Date 2017-01-01
    ISBN 9789759281274
    Number of Impressions 1st Edition
    Language Turkish
    Number of Pages 388
    Skin Type Hardcover
    Paper Type 3. Hm. Paper
    Size 13 x 19 cm
    Weight 310 gr

    In his book, The Effects of Stars and Signs on Humans are the Subject. Written by Mustafa Varlı.
    Elhamdülillahi Rabbil'amin. Vessalâtü pbuh ala Sayyidina Muhammedin Hâte-mil-Enbiyâi ve Mürselin and ala âlihi and sahbihi ecmain.
    Praise and Acirc; be Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, and blessings and greetings, our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), the last of the prophets, and His family members and all his companions and all those who follow him.
    All that is in the heavens, on the earth, and in between, under the earth, belongs to God. Nothing is hidden from Allah, no matter how closed.
    Whether you speak the word openly or secretly, surely He is the One who knows both the secret and the obvious.
    Human beings, who are the most honorable creatures, become true servants of Allah only if they obey His orders and avoid prohibitions.
    The duty of man; We need to comply with the Quran, which is the guide of guidance and the prescription of salvation sent for the arrangement of the life of this world, and live in the way our dear Prophet lived and showed us how he lived. The only divine order that will regulate the life of mankind until the Day of Judgment is the Quran. It is the sunnah of the Prophet. This will never change.
    All humanity; He should take all his actions and behaviors from the Quran and Sunnah from the Prophet throughout his life. As a matter of fact, when a believer who believes in sincerity says I believed and surrendered, O Lord! There is no god (legislator) other than you. You arrange the whole life as you are the universe, your beloved Messenger Muhammad (pbuh) is your messenger and the leader of all humanity.
    Muslim; He should take his life principles from the Quran and Sunnah throughout his life. O Believer! The last Prophet of Allah throughout your life, Hz. You must follow Muhammad (s.a.v.), take him as a guide. The Messenger of Allah says the following before his death: "I leave you two things. If you follow him, you will achieve salvation: If you do not follow Him, you will fall into mischief. One of this trust is the Book of Allah, the other is my Sunnah.
    Again, Allah (swt): "Take whatever the Prophet commands you. Follow him. Avoid what he forbids. He has said. Yes, we will be able to use the creatures created by Allah as a means and reason. Let us only follow the principles of belief and not open the ways of idolatry. We will seek ways to destroy them if such paths have been opened in the past. We will not turn the reasons and qualities that Allah has given us into life qualities. We will adapt these events to the Quran and Sunnah. Muslims have to cling to the Quran and Sunnah to solve the problems of life and the problems between them. As a matter of fact, it is clearly stated in the verse: "When you disagree between you, hold the rope of Allah (the Qur'an)." Therefore, when using love and means, it is necessary to avoid sin and leave bad habits. It is necessary to publish some works made for the benefit of people. I have translated this work of İmamı Caferi Sadık named Yıldızname, which you have in your hand, into today's Turkish, and I have presented to you the original text and representative pictures of this work and the letter eternal in addition to your opinion.
    Until today, many books have been written on this subject (horoscope and stars), fortunes have been published in many magazines and newspapers. I would like to remind you that this encyclopedic work has beneficial healing and beneficial aspects as well as harmful aspects in terms of spirituality. There are many verses in this work. Do not be captives of your soul by capitalizing these verses and theology on your material interests. It leads the exquisite person to defeat. May Allah Almighty protect our sentence from the abolition of the soul and the devil. (& Acirc; min).
    Please see our encyclopedic book to learn general information about the stars and hours, days.


    Preface 5
    Clock Schedule of Days 10
    Introduction to the Book 11
    Which Zodiac Sign Is Friends with Which? 12
    Which Sign Is Enemy with Which? 12
    Which Star Is Friend With Which? 12
    Which Star is the Enemy with Which? 13
    Which Star Need Which Incense? 13
    Which Mineral Is Needed for Which Sign? 13
    Which Sign Is From Which Star And What Is The Main? 14
    Friends with which parent,
    Which one is the enemy? 15
    Which Star's Perseverance? 15
    Star Origin 17
    Horoscope by Moment and
    Natural Situations 18
    What Causes Diseases of the Sick Man? 19
    Power and Socialism Kevakip 19
    An Important Reminder 20
    Translation Lettering Chart Used in Marbling 21
    Order and Recipe of Ebced 22
    Ebced Words 22
    How We Read 23
    Ebced Letters 24
    Other Alphabet Layouts of Arabic
    25 by letters
    By Voices 26
    Principles Regulating the Arabic Scripts, Form Similarity and Sound Physiology 27
    Principle 27 in Ebced
    Information for Ebced Order
    Comments 23
    Six Shawl 23
    Six Devils 26
    Imam Jafari Sadiq
    Days of the Week 21
    Scientific Value of Reasons Scholars Show with Examples Document Identity 29
    Poor Evidence 29
    The Origin and Definition of the Alphabet of Ebced
    Ebced and Old Alphabets 30
    Six Letters of Arabic 31
    The True Origin of Ebced 30
    Ebced's Letter Attribute 32
    Definition of Ebced Account 33
    Small Ebced Account 33
    Table of Numbers from the Letter Ebced 34
    Table of Numbers from the Letter Ebced 35
    Letter and Number 36
    Other Ebced Accounts 36
    Ebced'i Kebir (Big Ebced Account) 36
    Biggest Ebced Account 36
    Sagir Ebced (The Smallest Ebced Account) 37
    Numbers in These Accounts 38
    Places Where Ebced Is Used 39
    1- In Daily Needs 39
    2- 40 in Book Pages
    3- In Writing Sections 41
    4- Mathematics and Physics 42
    5- As Words 42
    6- In Spells and Amulets 43
    7- 46 in Date Downgrade
    Date in Ebced
    Drop Example 46
    Description 46
    Statements 46
    Examples 47
    Special Formula of the Verse Chair 47
    This is the Eve of the Surah of Bab İhlas
    About 48
    Sheriff 50
    Shawwal-i Sharif 51
    Imam Jafari Sadik as 381
    Zilkade 51
    Zilhicce 51
    It Is Nazar Before The Book Sentences Names
    By looking. (By looking) Expresses Troubles 53
    This Book is the Copy Book 68
    Does Every Zodiac Sign Tulu 'From The Side? 72
    Account of Huruf-i Ebced 73
    Calculus Sentence-i Sağir Huruf-i Ebced 74
    Men's Sign, Star, Nature 75
    The First Chapter: Of course, Hamel and Aries, Star of Merih 75
    The Second Chapter: Of course, the Bull with the Lover's Star Venue 77
    The Third Chapter: Natural Cevza and Gemini With Urarid Star 79
    The Fourth Chapter: Seretan of course and Cancer with its star Kamer 81
    Fifth Chapter: Of course Asad and the Lion whose star is Shams 83
    Chapter Six: Natural Sünbül and Virgo with Utarid Star 85
    Chapter Seven: Tale of Trials and Libra with Zühre 88
    Chapter Eighth: Scorpio Tali and Merih Star 90
    Ninth Chapter: Talii Kavs and Yildiz, the Customer, Yay 93
    The Tenth Chapter: Talii Cedî and the Star of Merih Capricorn 95
    Chapter Eleven: Tali Deliv and Aquarius with the Star as Zühal 97
    The Twelfth Chapter: Talii Hût and Fish, the Star of which is Customer 98
    The Pleasures of the Signs of the Awret 101
    Chapter One: Tali Hamel and Aries, Star of Merih 101
    Chapter Two: Taurus, the Star of Talii Sever, Venereal 103
    Chapter Three: Tali Cevza and Gemini with Utarid Star 105
    Chapter Four: Talii Seretan and Cancer with its Star Kamer 106
    Fifth Chapter: Tali Asad and the Lion with the Star Shams 108
    Chapter Six: Subdued Tali and Virgo with Utarid Star 109
    Chapter Seven: Tali Trial Balance and Libra, whose Star is Venereal 112
    The Eighth Chapter: Scorpio Tali and Scorpio with Star Merih 113
    Ninth Chapter: Talii Kavs and Yay 115, whose Star is the Customer
    The Tenth Chapter: Talii Cedî and Capricorn, the Star of which is Zühal 116
    Chapter Eleventh: Tali Deliv and Aquarius with the Star as Zühal 118
    The Twelfth Chapter: Talii Hût and Fish, the Star of which is Customer 119
    First Bab: Burcu Hamel and Her Star Merih Beyan Eder Koç 121
    Second Bab: Burcu Sevir and Declares the Star to Zühre Taurus 125
    Third Bab: Burcu Cevza and the Star as Utarid Declares Gemini 128
    The Fourth Bab: Sign Seretan and the Star Kamer Declares Cancer 132
    The Fifth Father: Burcu Esed and the Star Shams Declared Aslan 136
    Sixth Bab: Sign Sünbüle and Star Declares Utarid Pisces 139
    The Seventh Father: The Sign of Mizan and the Star Declares Zühre Libra 143
    Eighth Bab: Sign Scorpio and Star Merih Declare Scorpio 146
    Ninth Bab: Burcu Kavs and the Star as Customer Declares Yay 149
    Tenth Bab: Burcu Cedî and the Star Zühal Declares Capricorn 153
    Eleventh Bab: Burcu Deliv and her star Zühal Beyan Eder Aquarius 156
    Twelfth Bab: Burcu Hût and Star Declares Customer Pisces 160
    Chapter 172, which states each person's name and declares what it is and what the drug is
    Letter of Elif 172
    Letter-i Ba 172
    Harf-i Tâ 173
    Letter-i Sâ 174
    Letters of the Cim 175
    Letter-i Ha 175
    Letter-i Hı 176
    Harf-i D âl 176
    Harf-i Zâl 177
    Letter of Râ 178
    Letter-i Zâ 178
    Letter-i Sin 178
    Harf-i Şîn 178
    Harf-i Sad 179
    Letter of Dât 180
    Letter-i Tı 180
    Letter Zi 180
    Harf-i Ayn 180
    Harf-i Gayn 180
    Letter-i Fâ 180
    Letter-i Kaf 181
    Letter Kef 181
    Harf-i Lâm 181
    Letters of the Mim 182
    Letter of the Letter 182
    Letter Vav 183
    Letter-I He 183
    Letter of the Letter 183
    Letters of the Letter 183
    The Talisman-i Eyyam-i Usbu 'Harf-i 184
    Tılsımât-ı Mie ve İsnâaşer 186
    Why Did Anyone Coming Come? 188
    Did Speaker's Say Right? 189
    Will He Win? 189
    Must Write on Copies of Debts 190
    Şerh-i Ricalül Gayb 192
    Şerh-i Ricalül Gayb 194
    Dua-i Ricalül Unseen Enseb 197
    Haza Duâ-i Ümmüs-Sibyân 207
    Hâza Dua-i Ümmüs-Sıbyân-Seven 211
    An Momentous Spiritual Medicine 211
    Misak 212
    To Disrupt Spells. 217
    Babu Azîmet-i Ümmü's-Sıbyân 218
    To Prohibit Adultery 223
    Muhyiddin-i Arabi's Futuhat-ı Mekkiye
    Examples from His Named Work 224
    The Promised 235
    MAGIC 251
    Different Transactions with Love and Affection 253
    Spells To Cool Down And Separate 294
    Spells Used to Hold the Fugitive, Bring Back Someone Far 299
    Spells to Connect Tongue and Sleep 304
    Miscellaneous Spells 306
    The List of Intent According to Caferi Sadık 311
    Prayer Hz. Ali 365
    368 To Fight Out Trouble
    Satan's Trick and Medicine 370
    For Wasvese 373
    The End and Prayer of My Book 375
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