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    20 Velvet Lined Bag Size 80 Pages Yasin Book (12 x 16 cm)
    20 Zikrmatik Counters
    20 Tulle Pouches
    Yasin-i Şerif Book (With Index) Work Features:
    Specially Covered with Luxury, Velvet Fabric
    Mirrored Plexiglass Word of Allah Cut by Laser Method
    Plexiglass Mirror Plate with Name Written by Laser Method
    All of Our Velvet Covered Yasins Have Protective Corner Irons That Prevent Damage to the Pages and Keep the Covered Velvet Fabric Stable.
    It is written with computer calligraphy and an easy-to-read large font.
    Arabic Text
    Latin (Turkish) Pronunciation
    Meaning (Turkish Meaning)
    with index
    80 Pages
    Bag Size (12 x 16cm)
    Shamua Paper
    Sample Texts That Can Be Written on Plexiglass Mirror Plate;
    Welcome to Us Abdullah 22.04.2020
    Ceylin Naz's Mevlüt Memory
    Barış Pektaş Umrah Gift
    Fatiha to the Soul of the Late Mehmet Yılmaz
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