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    Bag Dimensions (cm): 18 X 30 X 8 cm
    Weight (Kg): 1.76 kg
    Cover Information: 30 Juz Individually with Cardboard Cover and Special Bag
    Number of Pages: 616 Pages, 2 Color Offset Printing
    Bag: Luxury Leather Bound and Strap
    Juz: Wire Stitched
    Paper Information: 1st Quality Şamua Paper
    Publisher: Ayfa Publishing House
    Line: Computer Line.
    Sealed by the Presidency of Religious Affairs Mushaf Examination and Reading Board
    There is a QR Code on each Page for both your Arabic and Translation recitals.
    Content Features

    The selected font is a special calligraphy that preserves both aesthetics and the basic characters of the letters and makes them easy to read.
    The characters are listed just below or above the letters they belong to, and they are arranged in a way to avoid any confusion, especially for those who are new to reading.
    The line width has been increased to ensure ease of reading, thus keeping the letters large and the letter spacing wide.
    The words 'Allah' and 'Lord' are colored in flag red.
    While reading the Holy Quran, the secavents showing the places to pause and breathe in order to read it correctly are shown in red.
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