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  • 40 Hadiths with Stories

    Product features :

    Publisher : Kayalıpark Child
    Author : Ayşe Serra Kara
    Cover Quality: Cardboard Cover
    Page Quality : Imported Paper
    Number of Pages: 84
    Size : 16 X 21 cm
    Weight : 120 gr
    Barcode: 9786059706803


    Hello children and childish ones! The most beautiful of words; How would you like to learn the most special of expressions with stories?
    The most precious word. By learning the hadiths of Muhammad (saas); Are you ready to earn the most beautiful values?
    Hz. the words of the Prophet (saas); to ensure its permanence with stories;
    The most beautiful words are with you so that they will remain in their minds and hearts for the rest of their lives... Our words become beautiful with His (saas) words...
    Our lives are valued by His (saas) life... Those who follow him (saas) will be happy in this world and the next...
    Our work called forty hadith, which enters the world of children with forty stories, each more beautiful than the other, is with you!


    Wheat 7
    Outfit 4
    fisherman 11
    Clean Crew Team 13
    Real Weapon 17
    Tailor 20
    wound 22
    Grocery 24
    Gardener's Daughter 2b
    Wrestler 28
    Old Woman 30
    Friend 32
    Miswak 34
    Example Child 37
    I'm Here Even If Ece Goes 34
    My Dear Mom 41
    Sand Castle 43
    bus 4b
    Guest 48
    winter 50
    Table Tennis 51
    cat 53
    Mathematics Lesson 55
    taxi driver 57
    ambulance 51
    Shoe Shop 60
    Beautiful Word 62
    shepherd 63
    University Exam 65
    mound 67
    Stair Front 68
    Wallet 70
    Tax 72
    Abundance 74
    Promise 76
    i love you 70
    wealth 80
    Book 82
    patient 83
    gift 84
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