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  • 99 pcs Pearl Tasbih with Vavlı Tughra - Blue
    Product features
    6 mm Diameter
    Rosary is one of the best known Islamic habits. It is the name of the ring that is used to count numbers while glorifying the attributes of Allah and formed by stringing 33 or its multiples of beads on a string. It is used not only in Islam, but also in many religions. For example, the prayer beads with 11, 33 and 99 beads are used by Muslims, and those with 108 beads are used by Buddhists. The piece at the end of the rosary is called imame. The simile habit in Europe has been started by Muslims. Even the types of similes, which have a place in Christianity, were introduced to this religion by Muslims. It is known that in the first years of Islam, Muslims count their fingers in the hand instead of prayer beads. Rosary is an alternative to this habit. Hz. It is known that Muhammad did not use similes. This habit is the first time Hz. It is thought to have started during the Abu Bakr period. "To draw a rosary" is known as a detail that completes prayer and is important. In short, using rosary is one of the oldest traditions of Islam.

    Rosary types can also be used outside of prayer and worship for relaxation. The number of beads of the rosary models used for this purpose is not important. Because they function as an accessory, the important thing is that they look good and fit comfortably. For this purpose, they can be produced from many different colors and types of stones. However, the number of beads of rosary models produced for dhikr purposes must be exact. The prayer beads used for this purpose are part of an important ritual and are not an ornament. Ikhwan is at your service with countless rosary types suitable for both purposes.
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