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    Barcode-ISBN 9789758596140
    Published Date 2014-03-00
    Publication Language Turkish
    Original Name Mevlid-i Nabawi; Included Full
    Number of Impressions 1st Edition
    Number of Pages 192
    Cover Paperboard
    Paper Pulp
    Size 140 X 200
    Place of Publication İstanbul

    Who contributed :
    Author: Süleyman Dede

    Life of Süleyman Çelebi

    Suleiman Çelebi, the author of Mevlüd, who has been recited by the beautiful voiced hafizes in religious ceremonies in our country for years, especially on the birthday of our Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu alayhi and wa sallam, was born in Bursa in 1364. His father is Ahmed Pasha. His mother; She is the daughter of poet Sheikh Mahmud, son of Sheikh Edebali, father-in-law of Sultan Osman, the founder of the Ottoman Empire.

    Süleyman Çelebi, who is known as Süleyman Dede among the people, had a strong religious education and education since his young age, and he read many works written about the Prophet, whom he admired, until that date.

    Süleyman Dede, who spent his youth in the era of Yıldırım Beyazıt, became affiliated with one of Bursa's best-known scholars, the sheikh of the Halvetî order, Emîr Sultan, who was from Buhara, and after the death of the said sheikh, he was appointed as an imam to the Grand Jami, whose construction was completed at that time.

    Süleyman Dede wrote his famous mawlut poem, which he named "Vesiletü'n-Najat", upon a discussion about the superiority of the prophets when he was fifty years old.

    Since the seventh year of the Migration, on the day that conquered the 12 Rabbi-a-before that Prophet Muhammad gave honor to the world, his glory, unique morals and merits, his great service to humanity, exemplary life stages, such as cavalry, The works were read, the honor-fine ceremonies were held on that blessed day, and they gave feasts.

    The mawlids and mantle read in these ceremonies were in Arabic.

    After Süleyman Dede wrote his work called Mevlüt, the piece that was read up to that time began to be read in Turkish, "Mevlüdü'n-Nebi", instead of Arabic Mevlüt.
    Süleyman Dede died in Bursa in 1422 AD. Me-membrane is located on Çekirge road.

    Let's finally give our word with these two couplets of Him:

    "God will have mercy on him,

    Who should be the mother with a prayer.



    Mevlid-i Sharif Kasidesi 11

    Heaven Hymn / Yunus Emre 12

    Tawhid Ode 13

    Divine / Ibrahim Hakkı 14

    Nât-ı Şerif -Madhiyya to Hazrat Prophet- 15

    Mevlidun-Nabi Sallallahu Ta'ala Allah and Sallam Allah

    Your Name Is Bahri 15

    Lillâhi'l-Fâtiha Maassalâvat Nûr Bahri 16

    Kaside-i Şerife 17

    The Birth of the Prophet of Taw al-Fitr 18

    Merhabâ Bahri 20

    The Prophet of Mi'râcü'n-Prophet Vesselâm 23

    Speaking Bahri 30

    Wefâtü'n-Nebiy-yi Sallallâhü Aleyhi ve Salam 30

    Death of Fâtimetü'z-Zehrâ 40

    Story-Good Deer 46

    Hikâye-yi Pigeon 53

    Kıssa-i İsmâil and İbrâhim Aleyhümesselâm 56

    Story-i Kesikbaş 62

    Hikâye-i Islam-ı Jewish 70

    Story-i Camel 73

    Baisi Nazm 106

    Medhi Sayyidil Mürseliyn Salâvatullahi Aleyhi ve Ala and Acirc; lihittayyibîn 107

    Hulk and Siret-i Cenâb-i Ahmedi Aleyhi Salat-i Rabbissamed 108

    Mebde-i Hilkat-i Nûr-u Fahr-i Kâinât Aleyhi Efdâlüssalâvat 109

    Hilkat-i ve Acirc; dem ve İntikâl-i Nûr-i Muhammed 112

    Hazret-i and Acirc; enamel 113

    Velâdet-i Seyyidülberâya 115

    The Halât Observed in Time-i Velâd 117

    Prophethood-i Hazret-i Ahmed Aleyhi Salat-i Rabbi'l-Ahad .... 118

    Mi'râc-i Şâh-ı Enbiyâ 119

    Divine / A. Halvetî-i Cerrahî 125

    Divine / Yunus Emre 130

    Mersiye to the Martyrs of Karbala / Kâzım Pasha 131

    Hz. The Story of Yusuf 133

    Qasîde / Mujtaba 143

    Qasîde / Hüdâî 143

    Kasîde / Yunus Emre 144


    Divine 145

    Kasîde 145

    Kasîde / Yunus Emre 146

    Kasîde 146

    Kasîde 147

    Prayer Hymn 147

    Nât-ı Şerîf / Niyâzî Mısrî 148

    Nât-ı Şerîf / Sheikh Galib 149
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