Arabic Turkish - Turkish Arabic Dictionary-1938

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It is the Arabic Turkish, Turkish Arabic Dictionary Promotion and Sales Page of Dağarcık Publications.
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    Compiler: Serdar Mutçali
    Browse_detail_publication_date 2013-03-01


    Number of Prints 4. Edition
    Number of Pages 639
    Skin Type Plastic
    Paper Type Shamuha Paper
    Dimension 10.5 x 16 cm

    Language is the most important tool we use for communication. Arabic has been and will continue to be perhaps the most important tool in the transmission of a culture dominated by Islam for centuries. When we examine the teaching of this important reflector in our country, we can see that the number of people interested in Arabic is a small majority. It is an undeniable fact that this majority is not homogeneous and consists of different segments of society with different demands. Considering these demands, our publishing house has found it right to publish an alphabetical dictionary in ARABIC TURKISH - TURKISH ARABIC DICTIONARY.

    Why an Alphabetical dictionary that is not in the root assembly?

    A significant number of Arabic dictionaries are prepared in root assembly. We are somewhat out of tradition in this dictionary. We can say that those who started studying Arabic could not easily find what they were looking for in the dictionaries of the root assembly for a period of not so short in the first stage. The most important reason for this is that the student does not have sufficient word deriing knowledge in the first stage. An alphabetical dictionary is expected to resolve this issue significantly. To make the difference clearer, we can make the following samplings:

    s_fi word in a root-organized dictionary


    article, and in order for the student to find the word, he/she must have the consumable information that can know that the letters t and o in the word are derived, and in an alphabetical dictionary, it is enough to search for v o* ^', respectively.

    the word is located under jij article in a root-organized dictionary, so the student should have the knowledge and experience to guess that the letter _* in the root word may have fallen. In an alphabetical dictionary, it is enough to search only in order of letters and can easily find the word with its order.

    We hope that the study will be useful to our students.


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