Cotton Mevlüt Cover with Tulle Pouch and Zikrmatik Counter Set Claret Red

Product Code : 4897654306358
Flamed Square Cotton Cover, Zikrmatik and Tulle Pouch
69.00 TL
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  • Set Content:
    Flamed Square Cover
    Tulle Pouch
    Flamed Square Cover Features:
    Zikrmatik Features:
    Electronic Ring Zikrmatik (Number Maker)
    It has 5 digits
    Counts up to 99999
    It is used by wearing it on the finger like a ring.
    Available in Yellow, Grey, Green, Blue, White and Pink Colors.
    With LCD Screen
    Pray the Rosary in Your Palm with the Technological Prayer Beads
    You can use it while doing Tawaf, walking, on the bus or in the car.
    It can be given as a Hajj and Umrah gift, as a Mawlid gift, as a lamp gift, or as a holy birthday gift.
    Weight 10 grams
    The product comes with a tulle pouch.

    You can order minimum 5 pieces.

    Flamed Yarn is made with the air jet texturing method and is based on texturing filament yarns by mixing them with the help of compressed air.
    In the air jet texturing method, the yarns are sent to the air jet placed between the drafting rollers. Compressed air in the turbulence zone of the air jet
    With the effect of current, the threads become crimped. Some of the yarns produced by this process have thicknesses, which mean flared yarn.
    The threads are bobbined by being conveyed from the air jet to the bobbin drum with the help of slowly rotating drafting cylinders.
    Fabrics knitted from yarns produced with this system are called "flamed fabric".
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