Dosso Comfort Mest - Six Skin Thermal Mest

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  • Thermal Mest Features:
    With its breathable structure, it is waterproof.
    It is aesthetic and practical use.
    It saves water and time.
    It has all the features that should be in enchantment as fiqh.
    It can be worn with shoes.
    Keeps Warm.
    It is washed by hand and machine.
    Our products are waterproof, breathable, flexible and provide convenience in wearing.
    Recommended; To prevent wearing of the shoe while putting it on and taking it off, wearing socks allows you to wear it for a long time.

    About Thermal Mest Socks
    Thermal mest is made of quality special neoprene fabric. Thermal is manufactured in Turkey can use immediately enchanted with complacency.
    The thermal enchantment, which makes it easy to take an ablution, is designed to allow ablution. The fatwa of the thermal mest was received from the Directorate of Religious Affairs.
    Practical thermal socks made of special neoprene fabric. For this reason, it is waterproof and also protects your feet from cold and keeps them warm. Thermal enamel is soft and elastic. You can use it immediately with peace of mind.
    Besides being for mest purposes, it provides protection from the cold in activities such as outdoor, mountaineering, hunting and fishing. You can protect yourself from illnesses and discomfort caused by cold feet with a thermal effective mest.
    Thermal revel in the ease and convenience of use is preferred by many people in Turkey, often with reason. Its fatwa was obtained from the Presidency of Religious Affairs, it is suitable for use in mest. You can use it with confidence.
    Be enthralled by water and cold. Thermal effective enchantment has a wide range of uses. You can use it immediately for protection from the cold and enchantment in the mosque, office or open area.
    It is waterproof with its thermally effective mest structure and provides effective protection from the cold. It wraps the feet and ankles with its elastic thermal structure. It is good for muscle and joint problems. You can order thermal enchantment immediately with the promotional price. It is limited to stocks.
    You can purchase cash payment at the door or credit card payment at the door, which is a secure payment option. You can enchant with thermal enchantment and at the same time protect from water and cold.
    For detailed information about thermal socks, it will be sufficient to contact our customer representatives. Order now, try it.

    Fatwa of Religious Affairs

    In addition, the conditions required for a product to be used as enchantment were answered as fatwa based on the application made to the Religious Affairs High Board of the Presidency of Religious Affairs:
    Reference: Petition dated 16/11/2012:

    In order for wiping to be permissible on the ombre worn on the feet, enchantment, etc. The garment must have the following characteristics:

    1- The feet should be covered with the heels.
    2- The socks should be strong and durable enough to be able to walk consecutively for twelve thousand steps.
    3- There should not be a hole, tear or ripped, under or above the lower part of the heel so that three of the toes enter.
    4- It must be capable of standing without tying and rubber.
    5- When wet, it should not let the water into it immediately. It is wiped on the enamel that meets the above conditions.

    Prof. Dr. Raşit KÜÇÜK
    Chairman of the Supreme Board of Religious Affairs

    Mest Catholic Knowledge
    While making wudu, the three fingers of the hand should be wiped once with the wetness of the hand, and it will be sufficient. For this purpose, it is sought that the oath should be worn with ablution, the oath should completely cover the parts of the feet that need to be washed in ablution, and also made of a durable and solid material. The ability to walk about 5 kilometers in the mest or stand upright when left is mentioned as a measure of this strength and durability. It is necessary that there should not be a hole, cleft or tear in the lower part of the shoe, below or above the heel so that three toes can enter, and water should not intake into the shoe. It can be wiped on socks with leather covered or clawed under them. Abu Yusuf and Imam Muhammad, who are Hanafi jurists, are of the opinion that they can be worshiped on thick and durable felt and wool socks without seeking the condition that they have clawed under them, and a group of jurists can be worshiped on socks without looking for them.

    The situations that break the ablution are disturbed in the anoin over the enchantment. The wiping is removed from the feet, the water entering the bathtub soaking more than half of a foot, and the end of the period of wiping invalidate the wiping. The duration of wiping on the mest is one day and one night (24 hours) for non-travelers and three days and three nights (72 hours) for passengers.

    This period starts from the first hadeeth, that is, the first situation that breaks the wudu, after wearing the oak with wudu. After this period, the feet should be washed with water, ablution should be made, and the mest should be worn again if necessary. On the other hand, a person who performs wudu by washing his feet does not invalidate his ablution if he takes off and wears the socks as long as this wudu continues. A person who makes wudu by wiping it on the socks can complete his ablution only by washing his feet.
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