Economic 41 Yasin Book - Cep Boy - 192 Pages - Merve Publishing House - Mevlut Gift

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Product Code : 9789944219631
A Special Gift That Will Be Useful And Permanent That You Can Distribute To Your Loved Ones In Your Mevlut And Societies, On Your Return Of Bebek Mevlidi, Hajj and Umrah Journey, Special For Happy Birthday.
15.00 TL
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  • Yasin Book Features:

    • 2. Dough
    • PaperBack
    • Offset Printing
    • 192 Pages
    • Color
    • You will find all the surahs and prayers you are looking for in this book
    • In terms of preparation, Arabic, Meali and Its Reading are on the same page and will make it easier for you to read.
    • 74 gr.

    Yasin Economic Pocket Size Product Content:

    • Yasin
    • Tebareke
    • Amme
    • Fact
    • Friday
    • Dukhan
    • Qiyama
    • Prostrate
    • Arabic and Turkish texts of conquest and short periods
    • Hizbun Nasr
    • Ism-i Azam
    • Ism-i Rahman and Ant prayers
    • Special futile prayers for the days of the week
    • Information with the virtue of three months
    • Prayers against pain and pain, eczema
    • To protect an item from being stolen
    • Opening the fortune
    • Fertility at home
    • Prayers for profit in trade
    • Short life stories of major zats and dozens more salavats and prayers.
    • Hacet prayers
    • Healing prayers
    • Prayer surahs
    • Zelzele prayer
    • Prayer for the def-i of troubles
    • Berhetiye virtue
    • Blessed three months prayer
    • Amene'er-Messenger
    • Salatı to promoter
    • 52nd night
    • Minceme
    • Conquest
    • Rahman
    • 32 sups and 54 sups
    • Prayer to protect yourself from blasphemy
    • Prayer to get rid of debt
    • Praying to have children
    • 4444 prayer
    • Prayer surahs
    • Property sûre
    • Kenzül arş prayer
    • You will be able to find many more pilgrimages and healing prayers, such as ant prayer.

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