Economical Velvet Covered Yasin Book - With Personalized Plate - Medium Size - Cream Color - Mevlit Gift

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A useful and lasting special gift that you can distribute to your loved ones during Mawlids and Communities.
49.90 TL
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  • Religious Gift Velvet Covered Yasin Feature:
    Velvet Covered 176 Pages Yasin, 17 x 24 cm in Size
    Specially Covered with Luxury, Velvet Fabric
    Mirrored Plexiglass Word of Allah Cut by Laser Method
    Plexiglass Mirror Plate with Name Written by Laser Method
    All of Our Velvet Covered Yasins Have Protective Corner Irons That Prevent Damage to the Pages and Keep the Covered Velvet Fabric Stable.
    It is computer-generated and written in an easy-to-read large font.
    Arabic Text
    Latin (Turkish) Pronunciation
    Meaning (Turkish Meaning)
    There is no index
    176 Pages
    Medium Size (17 x 24 cm)
    Shamua Paper
    Weight 408 grams
    Sample Texts That Can Be Written on Plexiglass Mirror Plate;
    Welcome to Us Abdullah 22.04.2020
    Ceylin Naz's Mevlüt Memory
    Barış Pektaş Umrah Gift
    Fatiha to the Soul of the Late Mehmet Yılmaz
    Content of Yasin-i Şerif Book (With Readings and Meanings)
    Beginning Prayer
    Prayer of Mubin
    Yasin Prayer
    Elif Lam Mim
    Surah Yasin
    Surah Al-Mulk
    Surah Jinn
    Surah al-Kahf
    Surah of Prostration
    Surah Duhan
    Surah Muhammad
    Surah al-Fath
    Surah Rahman
    Surah al-Waqi'a
    Friday Surah
    Surah al-Qiyamah
    Surah An-Naziat
    Surah al-Insan
    Surah Al-Fajr
    Surah Al-Qalam
    Surah al-Hashr
    Ayet'el Kursi
    Surah Duha
    Surah Inshirah
    Surah Al-Tin
    Surah Al-Alaq
    Surah al-Qadr
    Surah al-Bayyina
    Surah Zilzal
    Surah Adiyat
    Surah Karia
    Surah Tekasur
    Surah Asr
    Surah Humaza
    Surah Elephant
    Surah Quraysh
    Surah Kawthar
    Surah al-Kafirun
    Surah Nasr
    Surah Tebbet
    Surah Ikhlas
    Surah al-Falaq
    Surah An-Nas
    Prayer Prayers
    Salat-ı Tefriciye
    Salât-ı Munciye
    Istighfar Prayer of Forgiveness
    Elmalılı Prayer
    Seven Verses
    Jinn Prayer Hifz (Protection) Verses
    Esmâü'l Hüsna
    Hatim Prayer
    Daily Prayers of our Prophet
    Prayer to read before sleeping
    Prayer to read when waking up from sleep
    Prayer to recite while wearing clothes
    Prayer to recite when taking off clothes
    Prayer to recite when entering the toilet
    Prayer to recite after leaving the toilet
    Prayer to be read before ablution
    Prayer to be recited after ablution
    Prayer to recite when putting on and taking off shoes
    Prayer to be recited when entering the mosque
    Prayer to be recited when leaving the mosque
    Prayer to recite when entering the house
    Prayer to recite when leaving home
    Prayer to be recited after adhan
    Prayer to be recited after meal
    Prayer to recite before starting a meal
    Guest's prayer to the host
    Prayer to read when going on a journey
    Prayer for the owner of the iftar table
    Prayer for the one who drinks water
    Prayer to recite when returning from a trip
    Grave visit prayer
    Prayer to get rid of debt
    Prayer to be read by those who face a difficult task
    Prayer to be recited while visiting the patient
    Prayer to be recited during a disaster
    Prayer made by someone who fears a group of people
    Prayer against the enemy
    The prayer of the sinner
    Prayer recited while the wind is blowing
    Prayer to recite when there is thunder
    The prayer of the sneezing person
    Prayer to be read by those who are afraid while sleeping
    Prayer to read when seeing something scary
    Prayer for those who have a child
    Prayer for those who wake up at night
    Prayer for the married person
    Prayer to be made in an assembly
    Prayer in times of trouble
    Prayer to be made while going to the market
    Night of Power prayer
    Prayer to recite when you are in a good mood
    Prayer to recite when you see something bad
    Yunus a.s. prayer made by a fish in its belly
    Prayer to recite when you want to do something
    Prayer to recite when bidding farewell to a person
    Prayer to recite when you see someone suffering from a disaster
    Prayer to be recited when visiting the sick
    Kenzü'l Arş Prayer Three months prayers
    52nd night grave prayer
    Sekine prayer
    Deceased Name, Date of Birth, Date of Death etc. You can send the information you would like written on the book in the order notes section or by sending us a message when placing your order.
    Velvet Yasins with Name Plates are sold as a minimum of "10 Pieces".
    Returns of Velvet Yasins with Name Plates Are Not Accepted Because They Are Personalized.
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