Economic Yasin Book - Medium Size - 80 Pages - Green Color - Ayfa Publishing House - Mevlid Gift

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A Special Gift That Will Be Useful And Permanent That You Can Distribute To Your Loved Ones In Your Mevlid And Societies, On Your Return Of Bebek Mevlidi, Hajj and Umrah Journey, Special For Happy Birthday.
9.00 TL
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  • Güllü Yasin - İlaveli Yeni Edition - With Transcriptional Readings and Turkish Meâls - Elmalı M. Hamdi Yazr

    Features of Yasin Book

    • Easy-to-Read Computer Line
    • 17 x 24 cm - Medium Size
    • 2. Dough Imported Paper
    • 80 Pages
    • Arabic - English - Meal Trilateral
    • Ayfa Press Publication Distribution

    Contents of Yasin Book

    • Prayer of Repentance
    • Prayer to Start Reading the Quran
    • Prayer Surahs
    • Yasin Surah Pronuncasation and Meaning
    • Yasin-i Sharif Prayer
    • Mubin and Ezan Prayer
    • Reading and Meaning of the Surah of Tebareke
    • Amme Surah Pronuncasation and Meaning
    • Duhan Surah Pronuncasation and Meaning
    • Pronunsiation and Meaning of the Surah of Conquest
    • Reading and Meaning of the Surah of Vakia
    • Friday Surah Pronuncasation and Meaning
    • Mince Surah Pronuncasation and Meaning
    • Verse-el Kürsi
    • Amenerrasulu
    • Lev Enzelna Huvallahüllezi
    • Kenzül Arş Prayer
    • Prayer of Pride
    • Salat-ı Tefriciye 4444 Times Read
    • Salaten Tuncina Prayer
    • Ism-i Azam Prayer and Imam-i Azam's Rosary Prayer
    • Hacet, Sayyidül İstiğfar and Zelzele Prayer
    • 52. Night Prayer and Evil Eye Verse
    • Hatim Prayer
    • 32 Farz - 54 Farz
    • Esma-ul Husna

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