English Quran-1284

Çağrı Yayınları
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It has been translated in a style that even those with little English can understand very easily; It is a very specific English Quran Book.
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    The Glorious Qur'anis an English Translation of the Quran by an English literary scholar, storyteller, novelist, Islamic researcher who knows Islam and the Islamic World very well, as well as an intern who is also a Muslim thinker...


    The Glorious Qur'an; A Quran in which he spends a lifetime working over his disclaimer and translates the great meaning of the Quran into English as a whole without getting stuck in individual words... It is translated in a style that is very easy to understand by those whose native language is English and those who have learned English later, even those who know english little; it is a very reliable, multi-featuredEnglish Quran.


    The Glorious Qur'an was first published in america in 1930 after being reclaimed by world-renowned Islamic scholars in the health of the disciple himself. It was then published and read with and without text many times in America, England, India, Egypt, Lebanon, Libya and Turkey.

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