Eshel Mest - Socks Mest

Eshel Çorap Mest
Product Code : 05.12.1125
Healthy Choice Socks Mest for Ablution
1,250.00 TL
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  • Socks Mest Features:
    Why Was Such A Product Needed?
    There are a number of shortcomings of the socks, which are mostly caused by the structure of the leather. Some of those; cold or sweaty feet, wearing size two shoes ...
    So is there no alternative to this?

    Eshel Mest for Peaceful Worship
    The impropriety of conditions affects our life of worship. However, it is possible not to succumb to difficult conditions! We know from authentic sources that our Prophet anointed him while he was making ablution. We think that the convenience that mesh provides to our life of worship, whether in terms of circumcision or license, should be revived.

    A Nice Gift
    Gifting circumcision and "what can I buy for my loved ones?" There is no one who does not think. Extraordinary, useful, useful, "May God bless you ..." ... We think that Eshel Mest will help you in this matter. It's a great gift when needed, if not everyday.

    Good Choice for Your Health
    Eshel Mest is also a great blessing for patients. Eshel Mest is a savior especially for patients whose feet are cold more than normal, such as diabetics. It is a product that will make you very happy both to keep the feet warm in daily life and to protect the feet of patients who have to make ablution with cold water in winter. In addition, Eshel Mest, a washable product, will always remain hygienic and clean.

    Technical data:
    There are millions of pores on the elastic membrane between the inner and outer parts of Eshel Mest and resembling a human lesson, which can only be seen with a microscope. While these pores allow the sweat in the form of water vapor to come out, they prevent water particles, which are thousands of times larger than water vapor, from entering. In this way, it does not sweat the feet but keeps them warm.

    Maintenance and Recommendations:
    It can be washed by hand or delicate washing at a maximum of 30 degrees.
    It is not ironed, nor a dryer is used. It is not laid on the radiators to dry.
    After the outer surface dries, the drying time is accelerated by turning the inner surface to the outside.
    Do not use softener as it damages the structure of the elastic membrane.

    36/38 Size S
    39/42 Size M
    43/46 Size L
    47/49 size XL

    Mest Catholic Knowledge
    While making wudu, the three fingers of the hand should be wiped once with the wetness of the hand, and it will be sufficient. For this purpose, it is sought that the oath should be worn with ablution, it should completely cover the parts of the feet that need to be washed in ablution, and also made of a durable and solid material. The ability to walk about 6 kilometers in the mest or stand upright when left is mentioned as a measure of this strength and durability. It is necessary that there should not be a hole, cleft or tear in the lower part of the shoe, below or above the heel so that three toes can enter, and water should not intake into the shoe. It can be wiped on socks with leather covered or clawed under them. Abu Yusuf and Imam Muhammad, who are Hanafi jurists, are of the opinion that they can be worshiped on thick and durable felt and wool socks without seeking the condition that they have clawed under them, and a group of jurists can be worshiped on socks without looking for them.

    The situations that break the ablution are disturbed in the anoin over the enchantment. The wiping is removed from the feet, the water entering the bathtub soaking more than half of a foot, and the end of the period of wiping invalidate the wiping. The duration of wiping on the mest is one day and one night (24 hours) for non-travelers and three days and three nights (72 hours) for passengers.

    This period starts from the first hadeeth, that is, the first situation that breaks the wudu, after wearing the oak with wudu. After this period, the feet should be washed with water, ablution should be made, and the mest should be worn again if necessary. On the other hand, a person who performs wudu by washing his feet does not invalidate his ablution if he takes off and wears the socks as long as this wudu continues. A person who makes wudu by wiping it on the socks can complete his ablution by washing his feet only.
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