forty-one Yasin Turkish Pronunciation Mealli Medium Size one hundred twenty-eight Pages Pink Color

Seda Yayınları
Product Code : 4897654301877
A Useful and Permanent Special Gift That You Can Distribute To Your Loved Ones For Your Mawlids and Societies, Baby Mawlid, Hajj and Umrah Journey, and Happy Birthday.
39.00 TL
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  • Product features :

    Publisher : Seda Publications
    Cover Quality: Cardboard Cover
    Page Quality: Imported Paper (2nd Pulp)
    Number of Pages: 128 Pages
    Language : Arabic - Turkish
    Size : 17 X 24 cm
    Weight : 150 g
    with index

    Contents :

    Prayer to be read when starting to read the Quran
    Elif - Lam - Mim
    Ayatul Kursi
    Lev Enzelna
    Surah Yasin
    Surah Mulk
    Surah An-Naba
    Surah Kahf
    Surah Prostration
    Surah Duhan
    Surah of the Conquest
    Surah Rahman
    Surah of Vakia
    Surah Friday
    Surah Apocalypse
    Surah Naziat
    Surah Duha
    Surah Inshirah
    Surah Tin
    Surah Al-Alaq
    Surah Al-Qadr
    Surah Al-Bayina
    Surah Zilzal
    Surah Adiyat
    Surah Karia
    Surah Al-Takasur
    Surah Asr
    Surah Humaza
    Surah Elephant
    Surah Quraysh
    Surah Mahogany
    Surah Kevser
    Surah Kafirun
    Surah Nasr
    Surah Tabbat
    Surah Ikhlas
    Falaq Surah
    Surah An-Nas
    Hatim Prayer
    Yasin Prayer
    Mubin Prayer
    Virtues of Surahs
    The Virtue of Surah Fatiha and Ayatul Kursi
    The Virtue of the Last Two Verses of Surat al-Baqara
    The Virtue of Surah Yasin
    The Virtue of Surah Mulk
    The Virtue of Surah An-Naba
    The Virtue of Surah Kahf
    The Virtue of Surah Prostration
    The Virtue of Surah Rahman
    The Virtue of Surah Vakia
    The Virtue of Surah Hashr
    The Virtue of Surah Duhan
    The Virtue of Ikhlas-Falak-Nas Surahs
    Repentance Prayer
    Rabbena Athens
    Kunut Prayers
    Esmaul Husna

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