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  • Four Caliphs for Children - Ayşe Serra Kaya

    Product features :

    Publisher : Kayalipark
    Author : Ayşe Serra Kaya
    Cover Quality: Cardboard Cover
    Page Quality : Imported Paper
    Number of Pages: 72
    Language Turkish
    Size: 13.5 X 20 cm
    Weight : 100 gr
    Barcode: 9786052102237


    On the way from his birth city, Mecca, to Medina, the city where he would shine, there was a person next to our Prophet (saas).
    While it was darkened by anger, anger and hatred, a person carried his heart, which was purified by our Prophet's embrace.
    The hands that wrote the Qur'an when our Prophet was alive and delivered it to all Islamic cities after the Prophet belonged to a person.
    He was also a person who became a Muslim as a child, risked sacrificing his own life in the emigration and challenging the world with his courage. '
    They were among the favorites of our Prophet. They were the caliphs to whom our Prophet entrusted his companions (companions).
    Would you like to get to know these four beautiful people who taught us truth, justice, shame and knowledge?
    Dr. Ravza CIHAN
    Sakarya Provincial Deputy Mufti
    Childhood is a very important period when the character begins to take shape.
    The role models chosen during this period have a great impact on the personality. Here are four important personalities who will set an example for our children in this period,
    I recommend this work, which presents it in a fluent style, to all book lovers. I wish our children Hz. Abu Bakr's loyalty,
    Hz. Omar's justice, Hz. Osman's generosity and Hz. They take Ali's courage as an example.
    Fatima Melek KARABULUT
    Kastamonu Mufti Preacher
    Our beloved Prophet told us that his companions are like stars and how important it is for us to love them and emulate them.
    Let's get to know the life of the Four Great Caliphs, who were the closest friends of our Prophet and instrumental in the spread of our great religion to wide lands, from the beautiful pen of its author, and let us recommend it to our friends...
    Dr. Fatma BALCI ARVAS
    Religious Culture and Moral Knowledge Teacher
    In the work called "Four Caliphs for Children", the History of Islam Hz. The lives of the first four caliphs, the most important period after Muhammad, were written in a plain language that children could easily understand.
    It is dealt with in a short and concise way using a fluent style. As an educator, I recommend this book, which I believe will be useful, to students and their parents.
    Fatmagul Altun
    Religious culture teacher


    Faithful Friend Abu Bakr (ra) 8
    Just Omar Bin Khattab (ra) 25
    Haya Owner Osman Bin Affan (ra) 39
    Gate of Knowledge Eli Bin Abu Talib (ra) 53
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