Hac Umre Mevlid Set 41 - Name Printed Velvet Coated Yasin - Seccade - Rosary - Boxed

Product Code : 0000000151047
Suitable for Distributing in Associations such as Baby Mevlut, Vefat Mevlut, Umrah - Hajj
89.00 TL
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  • Islamic Gift Set Content:

    1. Special Name Written Plate, Allah Worded, Velvet Coated, 10x15 cm Size 128 Page Yasin
    2. Luxury Light Tafta Seccade
    3. 99's Pearl-Looking Vavli Rosary
    4. Special Design with Transparent Box and Stylish Ribbon

    Sample Articles that can be written on Plexi Mirror Plate;

    • Welcome To Us Abdullah Eren 22.04.2020
    • Ceylin Naz's Mevlut Memory
    • Barış Pektas Umrah Gift
    • Fatiha to the Spirit of the late Mehmet Yilmaz

    Yasin-i Sharif Book (Fihristli) Work Features:

    • Luxury, Specially Coated with Velvet Fabric
    • Laser Cut Mirror Plexi Allah Lafzı
    • Plexi Mirror Plate With Laser Method
    • Protective Corner Irons Are Available in All Of Our Velvet Coated Yasins, Allowing Pages to Be Damaged and Coated Velvet Fabric to Stand Still
    • Computer Lined and Written in Big, Easy-to-Read Font
    • Arabic Text
    • Latin (Turkish) Pronunce
    • Meali (Turkish Meaning)
    • Fihristli
    • 128 Pages
    • Pocket Size (10 x 15 cm)
    • Shamua Paper

    Yasin-i Sharif Book Content (with Turkish Pronunse and Meanings)

    • Fatiha Surah
    • Elif Lam Mim
    • Surah of Yasin
    • Property (Tebareke) Surah
    • Surah of Nebe (Amme)
    • Vakia Surah
    • Friday Surah
    • Amenerrasülü
    • Verse-el Kürsi
    • Shehidallahu
    • Surah of Inşirah
    • Sura of Asr
    • Hümeze Surah
    • Elephant Surah
    • Quraysh Surah
    • Mahogany Surah
    • Kevser Surah
    • Surah of the Infidel
    • Nasr Surah
    • The Surah of Tebbet
    • Surah of Violations
    • Surah of Felak
    • Yasin-i Sharif Prayer
    • Salat-ı Tefriciye
    • Salat- Munciye (Tuncina)

    Prostrate Features:

    • Weight: 280 grams
    • Size: 117 x 67 cm
    • It is easy to use due to its light and thin structure.
    • It is a Product in the Economic Class. Made of Shiny Yarn. It is a type of fabric with scarf and braid in different colors. The Quality and Price of the Product Varies according to the Quality of yarn used in its content and the Weight of Yarn Used.
    • What is Tafta?: Silky Hard Fabric with Scarf, Braids in Different Colors, So It Gives a Burnt Rotary Effect As You Move Inside.

    Pearl Rosary Features

    • 99s
    • 6 mm Diameter
    • Tassels


    • You can send the information you want written on the book such as deceased name, date of birth, date of death, etc. from the Order Note Section or by Sending Us a Message when Ordering.
    • Name Plate Velvet Yasins Are Sold as At Least "10 Pieces".
    • Velvet Yasins with Name Plates are not accepted as they are Personal.
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