Haşema Nhr-2216-22 Black Hijab Swimsuit

Product Code : 01.ADS.019711
1,359.00 TL
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  • Haşema Nhr-2216-22 Black Hijab Swimsuit

    Product features :

    Since the product has a water-repellent finish, it dries quickly. It dries in a short time when you get out of the water, so the product does not stick to you.
    There is an adjustable stopper at the waist of the product. The stopper prevents your swimsuit from going up.
    Lycra fabric used in sleeves and tights provides freedom of movement thanks to its flexible fibers.
    The product is thin and does not feel heavy.
    It is important for your health that swimsuits do not stay wet.
    Package Content: It consists of 3 parts: top, tights, bone.
    Woven fabric with 90% Polyester-Jersey, 10% Elastane content.
    Model Dimensions: Height:176 cm Bust:83 cm Waist:61 cm Hips:89 cm
    Item Code: NHR-22-16
    We recommend that you pay attention to the following points so that you can use your product with the quality of the first day for a longer time.
    After each use, hand wash the product with warm water using shampoo or soap and rinse thoroughly.
    Do not wash the product in the washing machine.
    your swimsuit; Do not contact with cosmetic products such as sun oil, sun milk. In case of contact, rinse with plenty of water.
    Do not dry clean your swimsuit and never iron it.
    Do not store your swimsuit wet and do not keep it together with other products, hang it to dry without wringing.
    Never store your swimsuit in a closed plastic bag.
    In water park activities, deformation (pilling, burning and holes) may occur due to sliding and friction. You should consider that this type of damage can occur during water park activities.
    Your swimsuit may be damaged by excessive and direct contact with sand, and its flexible knit structure may collect sand. You should rinse your swimsuit after use so that there is no sand on it.
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