I'm Learning Qur'an Set for Girls

Product Code : 4897654302032
Fun Patterned Children's Prayer Rug and Quran Learning Set that You Can Buy as a Gift to Your Children
329.00 TL
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  • I'm Learning Qur'an Set for Girls

    Product Content :

    1 Piece Mosque Patterned Prayer Rug
    1 Medium Size Quran
    1 piece of Elif Juz
    Total Weight : 1436 gr
    Box Size: 33 X 25 X 5 cm

    Prayer Rug Features:

    Cotton and Staple Fiber Blend
    45 X 80 cm
    120 g
    Digital Printed
    Silvery Tassel
    A Useful Various Fun Patterned Children's Prayer Rug that You Can Buy As A Gift To Your Children.
    It has a comfortable use with its soft textured surface.
    You can get your children accustomed to Worship with its attractive visuals on the prayer rug.

    Features of the Holy Quran:

    Quran 17x24 cm Medium Size.
    Pink Quran with Rose Pattern Design.
    Luxury hardcover is the QUR'AN.
    1.042 g.
    Approved and Sealed by the Presidency of Religious Affairs Mushafs Review and Recitation Board
    It has been prepared as the amount of pages, Berkenar, Secavend, Medli and Kasırlı, remaining faithful to the Hafız Osman calligraphy.
    From the line where millions of people learned to read the Quran. IT IS COMPUTER LINE AND EASY TO READ.
    With the barcode program (Google Play and App Store) you can download to your phone, you can listen to both translation and Arabic.
    1. Dough Shamua is printed on paper. It is slightly yellowish paper.

    Elif Juz Features:

    Pink Color
    Very Easy to Read Computer Line
    4 Color Offset Printing
    16.5 x 24 cm Size
    Paperback Cover
    Wire Stitch
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