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  • Inscript | Consumable Sentence - Emsile Bina Maksut Izzi The language of our ancient Islamic civilization is arabic as it is known. The Great Quran was nazil in Arabic and healed people's material spiritual diseases. Our holy book is not only a book that lands in the Arabian peninsula, but rather a beam of spiritual wisdom that has landed in the entire universe and is above the values that societies "accept." Many societies have been affected by the unique influence of the Qur'an and have been guided by Rahman. However, the "Litial Men", who are familiar with the importance of this guidance, have crossed miles in primitive conditions and become rain-laden clouds in communities that have not met Islam. Adorned with the beautiful envy of Islam, they put their names on the pages of history as "Exemplary Personalities". They fought for their lives for this cause with the Arab, with the Novice, and they fought this case from generation to generation with the consciousness of preserving it forever. Language has a very active role in the delivery of this Islamic concept and the case from generation to generation. Access to the true source of ancient civilization is possible by training the grammar and literature of that civilization at the best level. To bring works in this field; "Ila-i kelimetullah and Emri bil maruf and nehyi anil münker" are the names that have adopted the consciousness of the Reclusive Scholars who are too valuable to be counted and have copyrighted works. We would like to remind you what you owe to the figures who have spent their lives in the womb with the idea that "If the goal is to be the caliph of Mevla teala, may life be sacrificed to him", you owe it to the figures who are monumental to virtue and virtue. From this point on, those of us who started with the principle of "Knowledge, Irfana Service, Service to Humanity", which has been taught in Ottoman madrasahs for many years and is now being taught in many madrasahs, are happy to present to our brothers and sisters who are invaluably valuable " scholarly travelers". May my Lord be one of those who benefit from knowledge with his grace. (Amen)
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