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  • Kuka Tesbih - 99 Pieces - 8 mm Istanbul Model
    Made of Kuka Wood
    Dark Brown Color
    Istanbul Model
    50 cm (Tassel Included)
    Tassel Material Kuka
    What is Kuka?
    This product is made of kuka rosary wood. Kuka is the fruit of a tropical tree. This fruit is a firm fruit similar to coconut and is made from the hard fruit of this tree in kuka prayer beads. Kuka fruit grows in countries like Indonesia and India. This product is produced in this kuka fruit. This rosary has been produced with the highest quality workmanship and has added visuality to the rosary by condemning the rosary. Kuka rosary is a type of prayer beads dating back to the oldest times. Previously, the kuka rosary was used both for praise and for different purposes. When using the kuka rosary, you can benefit from the antibacterial properties of the kuka fruit. Kuka rosary was used in the health sector by physicians for its antibacterial properties in the Ottoman period. Its use in the healthcare industry is its powerful antibacterial property that kills germs. In the Ottoman period, this element was given so much importance that the physicians who did not use the skittle prayer beads were not even admitted to the palaces because they were not hygienic and were not preferred by the public for examination. Because of this feature, it was widely used not only in the health sector but also among the public. Kuka wood also has a structure that darkens and increases in value with use. With these features and aesthetic-looking prayer beads, the kuka wood rosary has been one of the most popular and used types throughout history and continues to be.
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