Kuran Karim and Yüce Meali - Arabic and Meal - Bag Boy - Merve Publishing - Computer-Lined

Merve Yayınları
Product Code : 9789944219563
Religious Sealed, Computer Line, Easy to Read, Bag Size 14x18 cm
90.00 TL
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    • 14x18x2.5 cm In Size
    • 1. Dough
    • Shamua Paper
    • 2 Color Offset Printed
    • Sheathed, Zippered
    • 624 Pages
    • The selected text is a special line that preserves both aesthetic and basic characters of letters and ensures easy reading.
    • The harems are sorted just below or above the letters to which they belong, especially those who are new to reading are arranged in such a way as not to challenge the confusion of the hareke.
    • The line width is increased to make it easy to read, so that the uppercase and letter spacing of the letters is kept spacious.
    • The words 'Allah' and 'Lord' are colored in flag red.
    • Secavents showing the places to breathe are shown in red by stopping to read the Quran correctly.
    • In the manuals used at the top of the page, it is aimed to give the names of the surahs and the numbers of the suras and the numbers so that they can easily find the sura and the number that the reader is looking for.
    • In each sura title, a preliminary information about the surah is given by specifying the name of the surah, where it is nazil and the number of verses, numbers and writings.

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