Let A Lying History Be Utans (Chronological, 12-Volume Set) -1715

İlim Şehri Yayınları
Product Code : 9786059084185
Let A Lying History Be Utans (Chronological, 12-Volume Set)
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  • Let the Lying History Be Utans (Chronological 12 Volumes Set)
    Subtitle: Revised New Edition
    Author: Mustafa Müftüoğlu
    Publisher: İlimşehri Publications
    Language of the Work: Turkish
    Paper Information: Imported
    Cover Information: Cardboard
    Print Date: 2017 - 07
    Impressions: 1st Edition
    Number of Pages: 3814
    Width, Length, Depth: 13,5 x 21 cm

    I receive letters from my readers because of the term "lying history" that I use so often in my daily articles, and I address questions at my conferences. They ask: Does history lie? "

    Just a question! ..

    Of course, according to the current date procedure. this honorable science should not lie! ..

    However, for a long time, some historians have disregarded the method and method (unfortunately) and we have written history with some fabricated documents, words expressing friendly praise or hostile grudge, and such a history has certainly come to lie! ..

    We are obliged to record with utmost that, except for a few of what is written in the name of history today, the sentence has nothing to do with real history! ...

    This publication, which has nothing to do with real history, has been made with so-called histories that make history a toy of daily politics and have the habit of writing and saying in the direction of the wishes of the prosecutors, and those false statements have been repeated over the years, everywhere from school desks to newspaper and magazine columns. , the sound of real history cannot be heard from the noise of those lying words! ...

    In the face of this terrible counterfeiting of truth and truth, we have tried to embarrass the lying history by shedding light on some historical events with our series book. If we can make the voice of real history be heard amid the ongoing rumble, we will have the happiness of the people who have served.

    Kandilli / Istanbul
    Mustafa MÜFTÜOĞLU
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