Men's Dark Gray Relaxed Cut Linen Hajj and Umrah Shalwar Trousers with Elastic Waist

Product Code : 05.17.1198
599.00 TL
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  • Product features:
    It is Elastic Salwar, No Waist Problems
    There are 2 Side Pockets.
    There are 2 Back Pockets.
    It is loose cut.
    Keeps You Cool, Doesn't Make You Sweat.
    Does not stick to the body.
    It is a type of fabric made from linen fiber. Linen products, especially used in summer, keep you cool and do not cause sweating. Since its texture has large pores, it allows the body to breathe and provides coolness. Another feature of linen fabric is that it can absorb water and moisture. Thanks to its reflective feature, color fading is less likely to occur.

    Size S = 50-65 kg
    Size M = 65-75 kg
    Size L = 75-85 kg
    Size XL = 85-90 kg
    Size XXL = 90-100 kg
    * This new season product stands out compared to other products with its comfort and appearance.
    * The quality of the fabric is viscose linen.
    * It does not make the body sweat or burn on hot days.
    * It is 100% Turkish made.

    Situations That May Cause Deformation
    Failure to follow the cleaning instructions of the fabric and washing it in the machine and at high temperatures may cause deformations such as color change and shrinkage.
    Exposing the fabric to excessive sunlight may cause color fading.
    The high amount of acid penetrating the fabric increases deformation, so acid-based chemicals should not be used for linen cleaning.
    Leaving sweat on the fabric for a long time after use and not cleaning it also reduces the life of the linen fabric.
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