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  • Name Printed Harded Yasin Book Medium Tulle Marsupized Pearl Rosary White Color

    Product Specifications :

    Medium Yasin
    Pearl Rosary of '99
    Tulle Ply

    Writings that can be written on Hard-Volume Yasin:

    Welcome To Us Abdullah 22.04.2020
    Ceylin Naz's Mevlut Memory
    Barış Pektas Umrah Gift
    Fatiha to the Spirit of the late Mehmet Yilmaz

    Personalized Mourning Sheriff Features:

    Luxury Name Printed
    Corner Anchored
    Seljuk Patterned
    Special Wire Stitching
    Computer Lined, Big Written, Easy-to-Read Line Written
    Arabic Text
    Latin (Turkish) Pronunce
    Meali (Turkish Meaning)
    Medium Size - 17 cm x 24 cm
    176 Pages
    Shamua Paper

    Named Yasin Content:

    Starting Prayer
    Mubîn Prayer
    Prayer of Yâsîn
    Fatiha Sûresi
    Elif Lam Mim
    Yasin Sûresi
    Property Sûre
    Gin Sûre
    Kehf Sûresi
    Prostration Sûre
    Duhân Sûresi
    Mohammed Sûresi
    Conquest Sûre
    Rahman Sûresi
    Vâkia Sûresi
    Friday Sûre
    The Sûre of Good Deeds
    Nâziât Sûresi
    Human Sûre
    Fecr Sûresi
    Sura of Pen
    Hashd Sûresi
    Ayet'el Kurdish
    Duhâ Sûresi
    Inşirâh Sûre
    Tîn Sûresi
    Alak Sûresi
    Kadir Sûresi
    Beyyine Sûresi
    Zilzal Sûresi
    Adiyât Sûresi
    The Sûre of Profit
    Tekâsür Sûresi
    Asr Sûresi
    Hümeze Sûre
    Elephant Sûre
    Quraysh Sûre
    Kevser Sûresi
    The Sûre of the Unbeliever
    Nasr Sûresi
    Tebbet Sûresi
    Ihlas Sûresi
    Felak Sûre
    Nas Sûresi
    Prayer Prayers
    Salât-ı Tefriciye
    Salât-ı Munciye
    Prayer of Forgiveness
    Apple Prayer
    Seven Verses
    Gin Prayer
    Hifz (Protection) Verses
    Esmâü'l Hüsnâ
    Hatim Prayer
    Daily Prayers of the Prophet
    Kenzü'l Arş Prayer
    Three Months Prayers
    52. Night Kabir Prayer
    Sekine Prayer

    You can send the information you want written on the book such as deceased name, date of birth, date of death, etc. from the order note section or by sending us a message when you place your order.
    Name-Specific Yasins Are Sold as At Least "50 Pieces".
    Name Printed Hard volume Yasin Books Are Not Accepted Because They Are Personalized.
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