Ottoman Size (Medium Size) Ottoman State Coat of Arms Antique Yellow

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Ottoman Size (Medium Size) Ottoman State Coat of Arms Antique Yellow 15 X 24 cm
2,200.00 TL
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  • Ottoman Size (Medium Size) Ottoman State Coat of Arms Antique Yellow

    Medium Size
    Color Antique Yellow
    Height 24cm
    Width 15 cm
    Weight 1060 g

    About Ottoman Size:

    "O son!
    Don't forget where you came from so you won't be surprised where you're going!
    Allah is the only one, to the unity of Allah, the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) and the spirituality of his al-i children.
    For the continuity of our state... For the health and safety of the Islamic world as a whole.
    In many lands and seas of the earth, in the field of martyrdom for the one and only God, give a heartfelt Fatiha to our ancestors, who bowed to the path of Allah, and a thousand greetings with a grateful heart.
    Descendants of gentlemen, inns and sultans, who grew up in the gulfs of war, the sound of the good news of victory, hello.
    May our hearts be happy, our assemblies be strong, good luck!
    Do beautiful people just go? No, they come before they go.
    They come, they make paradise where they come from,
    They came too.
    They came with such a spirit that they came from the middle of Asia.
    A pure faith had manifested in that spirit.
    Because that spirit; It was fed from the original source brought by the Companions who migrated to Central Asia.
    Departing to Malazgirfe with Melik Alp Arslan, released to Anatolia with Ertuğrul Gazi,
    It was that spirit that took root in the whole world with Osman Bey. He opened the most beautiful door with that spirit,
    they built the most beautiful cradle for their children with that spirit.

    Because history has never witnessed, no rootless tree and no branch has bloomed far from its roots.
    They leave behind the beauties that will last centuries and go like that... 'Don't forget where you came from!' He was saying.
    We have not forgotten.
    Today, we embroidered the stories of our ancestors on every particle of the Ottoman Empire.
    We have not forgotten.
    We are reborn from our being with this spirit today.
    We have not forgotten.
    Today, we grew green without rooting with the Ottoman Boytu.
    This truth has inspired us today in the history of the world.
    The stories of the homeland of the black earth were whispered in our ears while we were still in the cradle. Don't think that we can sleep...
    To be an inspiration and to shed light on many more centuries as long as you know your dignity and glorify your value...
    On the contrary, they were told to wake up!
    In that story attributed to Sheikh Edebalf, Osman Bey was addressed as follows: Nakkaş Boytu presents:
    Today is the place where the price paid is not forgotten.
    “O son! Who does not know his past, can not know his future
    Know your past well so that you can step firmly into the future. Every embroidery we embroider,
    Don't forget where you came from! You won't be surprised where every stone we put will go.
    Every word we say is taken from the heart.
    A plane tree grew on Osman Bey's chest. As it grew, it rose, and as it rose, it grew green.
    Mountains under the shadow of the great sycamore... There were rivers under the shadow of the great sycamore. In the cities, mosques and call to prayer were rising in mosques.
    The leaves of the sycamore were reaching over Istanbul. Osman Bey woke up when Istanbul was about to become an emerald ring on his finger. Mehruyan Osman Bey;
    He saw this dream in Sheikh Edebali's house, and the owner of the house interpreted what he heard as "here".
    Plane; is the state, son!" he said.
    It is a blessed state that will be granted to you and your descendants.'
    That's what happened. The height of the sycamore that grew in Söğüt that day
    tall and his shadow rested on one end of the world.
    Is the meaning of the sycamore from itself and from beyond?
    It is not known whether it comes or is after this dream.
    but sycamore; with its magnificent appearance, centuries-old life
    rooted in our civilization.
    The memory of the conquered cities, the mosques whose foundations were laid, and the newly born balalas were not left without a plane tree. The plane tree has been the representative of birth, the symbol of power and dominance. Since it has seen multiple generations with its long life, it has been considered as a 'bridge'. The Ottoman, who conquered not by force but by heart, is also a great plane tree. A great plane tree, who knew himself as 'Hadimufl Islam', that is, the servant of Islam, and who, with this motto, regarded his subjects as "Emanetullah" and watched over seventy-two nations in his shadow.
    Its shadow has reached not only the present but also future times; With its civilization, culture and art it has established, it is a great plane tree that has grown in the middle of today.
    As Nakkaş Boytu; From tradition to the future
    We proudly express once again our goal of being a bridge.
    As Nakkaş Boytu, we repeat our motto 'To put forward the best in each of our new designs' and continue with pride...
    We created the Ottoman Dimension and designed the form of the Ottoman Dimension by imagining a great sycamore. its pedestal; We interpreted the roots of the plane tree, all the other details as the branches of the plane tree, and the night with this detail as the plane tree itself.
    Before the Ottomans, the Seljuks had continued Turkish Islam's presence in Anatolia.
    The reason for this is; Respecting our glorious roots inherited from our glorious past; We decorated it with Seljuk stars and rumi motifs. We also attributed this ornament to our ancestors, the Seljuks, with gratitude.
    We added every element on the Ottoman Dimension, taking into account the Early Period Ottoman, purifying the baroque, rococo and similar foreign details that were included in the Ottoman art in the last centuries, and adorned it with motifs from our core.
    "Our image to our image
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