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    Browse_detail_publication_date 2014-12-19


    Number of Prints 1. Printing
    Number of Pages 272
    Skin Type Cardboard Cover
    Paper Type Book Paper
    Dimension 16 x 23.5 cm


    Not every language can be an imperial language 8
    Unfortunate lad 8
    Our libraries are full of Ottoman artifacts 9
    Horse not camel 9
    Condition of intellectuality 9
    No doubt it was Turkish 10
    How to be a skilled person? 10
    Concept confusion 10
    What did the voice on the phone say? 11
    Let's catch the thief in our house 11
    The child is the fruit of the heart 11
    How do you become a decorated parent? 11
    Whose absentee should we do? 12
    Loyalty to the mother 12
    What kind of education should we give our children? 12
    Communication with young people 13
    The TV is bad enough to steal our afterlife! 13
    Don't you want a happy home? 14
    Would you like a happy marriage? 15
    Our children are 15
    What are parents and what are they not? 15
    Very important sentences in marriage 15
    Every child is worth 16
    What kind of right is the right of parents? 16
    Are we forgetting the heroes of compassion in our homes? 16
    Every young man will come! 17
    Let's not raise our children deprived of the Quran 17
    If it wasn't for my mother, I'd be 18.
    18 for a happy marriage
    Our children are entrusted 19
    Your wife is the mother of your children! 19
    Your wife is a human being! 19
    Don't let our children be liars! 20
    Our mothers are 20
    Mercy and baby 20
    Do you know the seven wonders of the world? 21
    How did so many words fit on that little piece of paper? 21
    Apprentice must pass master 22
    It's an epic, Dardanelles! 22
    Did he sleep legally? 23
    The scholar who said he didn't know, who said he didn't know, 24
    The elders know the value of the elders! 24
    What's the only benefit of a misbehavior? 25
    Tâhir and Mâhir 26
    Why was he reading? 26
    What happens to the sleeping sultanate! 26
    Every sheep hangs by its own leg? 26
    The last regret won't help! 27
    Are we innkeepers or passengers? 27
    Let's hear it 28
    We need respect for the oppresser! 28
    Looking for an honest Muslim! 29
    29 if we are the Sultan
    What did Salahaddîn Eyyûbî say? 30
    Is there coercion in religion? 30
    Exemplary pastor status 31
    A bath sign says 31
    What did the Hungarian painter say? 31
    Bijons and crazy 32 in the asylum
    Socrates test center 32
    Are they judges or not? 33
    What did Sultan Mehmed say to the bard? 33
    Why wasn't everyone doing what they were going to do? 34
    Where to look for heaven? 34
    Is it a shame to be a science beggar? 34
    How smart was Mullah's Bowl? 35
    What did the thief say to Hazrat Omar? 35
    It's not all about the money, it's about 35.
    It's a humble book! 36
    A simple father, a fancy son 36
    Is the state advisable? 37
    Soldier who eats haram becomes haram 37
    You're a partner, too, 38.
    Cesâret comes from faith 38
    It's a very interesting story of kindness! 38
    Does a Jew have a son-in-law? 39
    Advice from Sheikh Edebâli to Osman Gâzi 40
    Why is it called Zembillî? 41
    What's the price of fire? 42
    How to collect chicken feathers? 42
    You don't put flies on my fly? 43
    A disease that leads to destruction 43
    0, Our guest in Istanbul 43
    You're providing for him? 44
    Mercy for the dead; fertility of property 45
    Evil is contagious! 45
    Hazrat Omar's conception of decency 45
    Why did man come into the world? 46
    Hazrat Hashan was sick 46
    We need the Malazgirt spirit! 46
    Does wealth make a blunder? 47
    It's good wisdom to shut up! 47
    The formula for longevity is 48
    Halva story from Mevlânâ 48
    What did the drunk man do at the mosque? 49
    To know? To be known? 49
    What did he do with a pouch of gold? 50
    What did 0 groom mean? 50
    Tell me your neighborhood and I'll tell you who you are! 50
    What would you want? 51
    What were the three things that destroyed the state? 52
    That's the love of science! 52
    Please listen to both sides! 52
    Please hear this begging puppy! 53
    Salavât causes salvation 54
    What does the sycophant say or eat 55
    The young man hasn't been buried in this village cemetery in 50 years! 56
    Like heads! 56
    Stick-eating man 57
    A sultan in the Sinai desert 57
    How did the full treasure come? 58
    Man whose capital melted 58
    First Murâd Khan's dream in Kosovo is 58
    What did the drinker say, who was accepted for repentance? 59
    What color was the happy man's shirt? 60
    Bathtub and spoon 60
    What's the real good deed? 61
    Helpful exemplary mother 61
    How did the sheikh test his disciple? 62
    There's no one left who's not sad about his death 62
    What did Yavuz Sultan Selim Khan say to Kurtbay? 63
    How many grams of his bones? 63
    Life sacrificed to television! 64
    Long animals 64
    Our mothers are our first 64
    What does a beggar bring? 65
    One of the greatest blessings is time 65
    Every image has a message! 66
    Who commands absentee 66
    One marriage to another married 66
    Slave's trust lesson 67
    What was the spite of the cardboard? 67
    What's between us and death? 68
    Scholar and scholar 68
    Do you know Emîr Sultan? 68
    Are you one of those who can sleep when the storm hits? 69
    Waste is a crime against humanity 70
    Excuse disease 70
    Free monkey catching lessons 71
    Our Health 71
    Cigarettes let you down, better yet, 71
    How did Edison succeed? 72
    Start with your soul, O yummy! 72
    Have you heard of learned desperation? 72
    Message for you from the bamboo tree! 73
    Melting serma and regret 73
    To be a servant of God is to rise 74
    ways of recognizing people 74
    What do they ask when they hire in Japan? 74
    Availability hours 75
    Long journey 75
    You're not hopeless! 75
    If man helps, he's human! 76
    Let's hear it for Father Adam! 76
    What did Louis Posteur say? 77
    What should we not do for success? 77
    The greatest danger is the danger of pride 77
    Why are words important? 78
    Value your value! 78
    Do you realize it's all up to you? 78
    Why should we read it? 79
    There's no trust in lying down! 79
    I wish people were 79.
    It's not a plan! 80
    Be successful anyway! 80
    First condition of success: will 80
    The obstacle to success is 81
    Lessons to be learned from fleas 81
    From school life to life school 82
    If you can hold it, grab it by the heart! 82
    Don't say it's a person and not underestimate it! 83
    What's valuable to you? 83
    What to look out for when talking? 84
    Good friend is the ornament of life! 84
    We're running out of breath 84
    Absentee is a great bankruptcy! 84
    Can't there be a different solution? 85
    The first condition of making dreams come true is to wake up! 85
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