Pink Color Mevlid Gift with Slub Fabric Sachet, Prayer Rug, Rosary

Product Code : 4897654301061
Mevlidi Şerif ve Cemiyetlerinizde Sevdiklerinize Dağıtabileceğiniz Faydalı ve Kalıcı Olacak Özel bir Dini Hediyelik Set
89.00 TL
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  • Religious Gift Set Content:
    Luxury Ottoman Taffeta Prayer Rug (117 x 67 cm - 280 grams)
    99 'Vavli Pearl Rosary
    Patterned Slub Fabric Pouch Cut From Gold Color Plexiglass
    Total weight 500 grams
    Prayer Rug Features:
    Weight: 280 grams
    Size: 117 x 67 cm
    It is easy to carry and use due to its light and thin structure.
    It is a product in the economic class. Made of Shiny Thread. It is a kind of fabric with different colors of knitting and weft. The quality and price of the product vary according to the quality of the yarn used and the weight of the yarn used.
    What is Taffeta?: Silky Rigid Fabric With Weft, Knitted In Different Colors, Therefore It Gives Iridescent Effect As It Moves Inside.
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