Practical One-Piece Prayer Dress and Prayer Rug Set with Headscarf, Dusty Rose

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    1 Prayer Dress with Bag and Headscarf
    1 Taffeta Prayer Rug (220 grams, 115cm x 68cm)
    1 Velvet Covered Yasin Book (128 Pages Bag Size)
    1 Piece Rose Amber Solid Musk
    1 Piece of 99 Pearl-Looking Prayer Beads
    Set Weight: 980gr

    Features of Prayer Dress
    Height: 140cm
    It is made of Jersey Lycra Fabric, does not require ironing and is wrinkle-proof.
    It is a plain color and patternless fabric.
    Prayer dress can be used in 4 seasons.
    The product consists of a single piece with a headscarf and is practical and easy to wear.
    The headscarf must be placed on the head, it is fixed to the dress from the shoulder part with stitching, it does not slip.
    The chin area under the headscarf has been sewn with elastic, so the neck and hair are not visible during prayer.
    Also, there is no need to use a swim cap.
    The headscarf looks like a half-cloak from the front and back and covers the shoulders up to the chest.
    It is loose-fitting and does not reveal your body lines.
    It is suitable for use on clothing.
    The sleeve part is half bat cut, allowing easy movement.
    The collar is zero collar, it does not disturb.
    It has a self-contained bag, so employees, those who go on a journey, and those who want to perform prayers outside can easily carry it in their bags.
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