Quran Kerim and Supreme Meali - Meal Without Text - Bag Boy - Merve Publishing

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Product Code : 9789944219181
Computer Line, Elmalılı Hamdı Yazır Meali, Merve Publishing House
21.00 TL
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  • Work Features:

    • Dimensions (cm): 12 x 16 cm
    • Cover Information: Luxury Cloth skin
    • Number of Pages: 620 Pages
    • Paper Information: 1.Quality Shamua Paper
    • 1. Quality Shamua Paper, Luxury Plastering Skin, 2 Color Offset Printing...
    • Elmalı Hamdı Inscription Meali...
    • Simplifying..: KASIM YAYLA (graduate of Al-Ezher University of Egypt)
    • Prepared with Computer Line...

    The Quran is the eternal message of God almighty to the people. Allah Teala sent this message to his human son through his servant and messenger, Muhammad, and made him a guide to the people of takva.

    It is conditional that a book guides people to the right path and that it can be properly understood in all its meanings and metaphors. Especially if this book becomes the book of Allah Subhanehu and Teala, the creator, sustenator, god and lord of all worlds, which is a miracle of words, annouching, troubles, knowledge and wisdom, that is, the Quran, the condition mentioned becomes much more important.

    Weight: 264 gr.

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