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    Dimensions of the Koran = 16 x 24 cm

    1. No mistake:
    The copies of the Ahmad Khusrev line Tewafuklu Qur'an printed by Hayrat Neşriyat are registered with the authorities and sealed by our Religious Affairs Directorate and the Egyptian Azhar University. In addition, after each edition, each juz is rechecked by memories.

    2. Sealed:
    Our Qur'an is sealed by the presidency of Religious Affairs and the Egyptian Azhar University.

    3. Prepared without commercial purpose:
    Because the commercial purpose was not motivated, it was not printed immediately as soon as it was written, and a full 10 years of work was done to make it easier for Muslims to learn and read.

    4. It is the product of half a century of work:
    40 years of writing is the result of a full 50 years of work with 10 years of preparation for printing.

    5. When printed, the reverence worthy of the Qur'an is shown:
    Employees of the printing press do not work without ablution and show respect worthy of the Qur'an.

    1 because of the care shown to the Qur'an by Hayrat Neşriyat for the first time, the Qur'an printed on straw paper until the printing press was established. The dough was printed on paper, and this understanding changed after that date.

    Even the water used in the printing press cleaning, inks poured into it from the Koran, dust, etc. the fragments are not mixed into the city grid because they are mixed into the ground in a separate area made by Hayrat Neşriyat.

    6. Being the easiest to read line:
    It has gained a reputation as the most easily learned and read Qur'an line all over the world.

    7. References:
    Each of the art's marvels addresses the pleasure of the eye.

    8. Quality:
    Yarn sewing, good quality interlining and shirazes, as well as solid cardboard cover and 1.class is the address of quality and robustness with cloth skin.

    9. Tevafuklu:
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