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  • Tasrif Arabic Verbs and Nouns (Rahle Boy)

    • Work Title Tasrif Arabic Verb and Nouns (Rahle Boy)
    • Author: Ali Kara
    • Translation:
    • Publisher: Bookcassing Publishing
    • The Language of the Work is Turkish - Arabic
    • Category in General
    • Education – Language education - Arabic
    • Paper Information Shamua
    • Cover Information Hardcover
    • Release Date 2017
    • Number of Prints 1st edition
    • Pages 640
    • (En, Height, Depth) 21 x 28.5 Cm

    This work you have examined is an auxiliary book that our students and teachers who are engaged in Arabic science need. It is classified in a different way than the existing works. The order mentioned mainly in our consumable books (Emsile-Bina) taught in madrasahs was taken into account. First, the verb and names that came to the 24 sîga, which we call the imperial content, were shot. By shooting the verbs called sulasi, ruba-i, humasi and südasi (three letters, four, five and six letters), an incomplete baboon was not left by bringing examples from all the baboons that could come. In order to help the student, we also showed the Sulasi and Ruba-i babs with the diagram and put explanations to the end of the baboons. We also explained the changes in the building of some words, and some of them we mentioned in the i'laller section at the end of the book. In the latest chapter, pronouns, name markers and nouns are given some information about the shots of the mevsuls and the i'lal pedestals of the ill-advised verbs. Inshallah, we hope that this work will be a fault for you scholars.
    Ali Kara
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