Two Piece Prayer Dress with Pearls and Stones, Bottom and Top, 8017 Milk Brown

Product Code : 01.FRC.7408
749.00 TL
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  • Features
    It is made of lycra jersey fabric, does not require ironing and is wrinkle-proof.
    It is a plain color and patternless fabric.
    Prayer dress can be used in 4 seasons.
    The product consists of a single piece with the headscarf and is practical and easy to wear.
    The headscarf must be worn over the head and is adjacent to the upper part.
    The headscarf looks like a half-cloak from the front and the back, and is in two pieces; skirt is worn.
    It is loose-fitting and does not reveal your body lines.
    It is suitable for use on clothing.
    The sleeve part is half bat cut, allowing easy movement.
    It is a suitable standard size between size 38/46.
    Model's Measurements: Height: 173 cm Chest: 81 cm Waist: 61 cm Hips: 94 cm

    About the Use of Prayer Dress
    Ease of Worship: Prayer clothes can help you move comfortably during worship. A dress specifically designed for prayer allows you to pray without compressing your body or restricting your mobility.
    Spiritual Emotional Connection: Especially for Muslims, praying can be an important way to establish a spiritual connection. Such special dresses can create a feeling of spiritual closeness during worship.
    Promoting Community Harmony: Dressing similarly in some congregations or mosques can promote unity and harmony within the community. A common style of clothing can strengthen the feeling that you are part of the community.
    Reflecting Traditional Values: Prayer dress may reflect traditional or cultural values. This type of dress may be preferred to maintain or express some cultural norms and values.
    Mental Preparation: Wearing a special dress can provide mental preparation for worship. These types of dresses can help you focus on worship and help your mind focus more deeply at the time of worship.
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