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  • What Is Umm Sıbyan Prayer and Why It Is Carried Out:
    It Is Transported For Protection From The Jinn.
    The Evil Eye Is Carried To Avoid Magic.
    Transported for Sustenance and Abundance.
    It is Cafer Hoca Efendi who interprets this prayer.

    Boy Hamaili Ümmü Sıbyan Prayer is a Great Prayer of Protection.
    It is a Unique Protection Amulet with Esma ül Hüsna and Vekf, namely Protection Verses.

    It is believed that these Verses and Prayers Protect Man from Evil, Evil Eye, and Infestations like Jinn and Magic.

    Ümmü Sıbyan Works for the Perishing of Humanity.
    What is Ümmü Sıbyan? Ümmü Sıbyan / (Ümmü Sübyan) is the name of a female devil. Its sole purpose and purpose is to wipe out the human race. He has sworn for this and always fights for this goal. Those who haunt him must carry the Amulet / Prayer of Umm Sıbyan.

    It infects pregnant women and unborn babies, newborns and mothers. Apart from these, it also infects men and women over the age of 65 and becomes sick and causes death.

    It causes miscarriage, convulsions, crying for no reason, waking up at night or not being able to sleep at all, birth defects, birth defects, glass bone disease, down syndrome, autism, underdeveloped body, etc. Its slightest effect is hyper-activity and a constantly haunted life.

    In this way, he tries to perish the baby either before he is born or after he is born. The mother and the baby who are exposed to Ümmü Sıbyan either experience a continuous miscarriage during pregnancy, no birth, or if there is a birth without a miscarriage, they are exposed to the above-mentioned untreatable diseases, causing them to be unable to reproduce as a passive individual and to be condemned to a passive life. During miscarriage, the life of the mother and the baby is in danger in some cases, and in some cases the mother dies.

    How Can I Protect From Umm Sibyan:
    If there is a spell in a person, after solving it and removing the remaining effects, it is not necessary for this person to have protection if the magic is not applied again, but "Umm Sıbyan" is not like this, even if the practitioner is haunted, a new one will definitely come after a while. Umm eibyan leaves one or more of his devil children to the people he influences and leaves, that is, even if you take them, a new one will definitely be replaced, therefore, those who are infested with Umm eibyan must have protection for life.

    There is no reason to be exposed to Ümmü Sıbyan. It is a complete chance. But there are some factors that increase this probability, the first of which is that the mother or father who will have a child is magical, and the remaining three percent are very lucky people. They have definitely entered a guard without their knowledge (like the prayer of any family elder or a friend).

    The grandchildren of bright people and noble people are more vulnerable to this danger. Because the baby who will come will definitely follow in the footsteps of his ancestor, he will be a great spiritualist and be useful to people, or maybe a leader, maybe a scientist, will develop humanity. That is why the ümmü pedban tries to prevent this.
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