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A Special Gift That Will Be Useful And Permanent That You Can Distribute To Your Loved Ones In Your Mevlut And Societies, On Your Return Of Bebek Mevlidi, Hajj and Umrah Journey, Special For Happy Birthday.
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  • Yasin Books, which you can distribute in your Deceased, Birth and All Kinds of Societies, will be a beautiful gift both for your own good and for your loved ones.

    Yasin Book Features:

    Additional New Edition
    Number of Prints: 1. Print
    Year of Printing: 2011
    Pages: 224
    Paper Type: 1. Dough
    Aspect: 17 cm x 24 cm (Medium Size)
    Cover Quality : Hardlier

    Yasin Book Content:

    and Acirc;phase of the period of the period
    and Acirc;fet Prayer
    Verses and Prayers Read In Pain and Adores
    Phase of The Time of The Alak
    and Acirc;l-imran
    To See the Messenger of Allah in a Dream
    Phase of the Amenarrasul
    Phase of Amme (Nebe) Duration
    Prayer of Gratitude to Parents
    Ashab-ı Bediýr
    Ashab-i Kehf
    19th Term
    Phase of The Term of the 19th
    Phase of Ayetel-kürsi›
    Phase of Reading Baccalea Time
    Verses to Read For Some Harvests
    Phase of Feeding Reading
    Five Mosques To Be Read After Prayer Salavât-ı Sherfe
    Phase of The Brain's Duration
    It will be read when the place is in pain
    Prayers to Pay Your Debt Easily
    Duâ Covering All Prayers
    Prayers to Be Read to Get Rid of Magic and Magic
    Funeral To Be Read Behind
    Neighbors' Funerals
    Funerals Of Funerals
    Duration of The Site
    Cum'a Duration
    Delâiýl'i's Charity Equals Reading Once
    Duâ to Be Read After Class
    Decorum of Prayer
    Duha Duration
    Phase of Duhan Period
    Prayer to Be Read to The Enemies to Come And To Be Overcome by Evil
    Phase of The Time Of Camp
    Phase of The Duration of the Infi
    The Duâ That Nurs our Heart and The Whole Body
    The Pass between husband and wife
    Between husband and wife
    Profit Period
    Finding Loss Is the Way to Read
    The Fertility of The Gain Will Be Read In
    Phase of Kehf Time
    Kenzü'l Arş Prayer
    Meaning of Kenzü'l Arş Prayer
    Turkish Pronuncation of Kenzü'l Arş Prayer
    Phase of The Kevser Period
    Prayer for Those Who Are Connected
    Phase of the Apocalypse Period
    Read In Fear
    Prayer at the Beginning of Reading the Quran
    Decency to Be Edicted While Reading the Quran
    Quraysh Time
    La Havle Velâ Power's Phase of the Promise of Billâh
    Levenzelnâ ( Hashish Period )
    Phase of The Maûn Period
    Reminds you of your visit
    Mubiýn Prayer
    Turkish Pronunation of The Prayer of The Mubi
    Phase of The Property Period
    Must Be The People's People's
    How Long
    Phase of Nasr Time
    Prayer to Be Read Without Getting Up From Where He Sits
    Prayer to Be Read Behind the Dead
    The Prayer of the Person Who Has Difficulty Paying Off The Money Debt
    For Money to Be Fertile
    Our Prophet (S.A.V.)' Ism-ii Sherfs of isis
    Rahman Duration
    Rasülullah Efendiýýn Salavât Reading Phase
    In The Sustenable Width
    His Sustener Is Plentiful and Saluting
    Duâ to Be Read For Increased Sustenness
    Esmâü'l- Phase of Reading Husnâ
    Duâ to Read On The Way Home
    Azan Prayer
    Phase of Reading Fatiыha-i Sherfe
    Felak Period
    Phase of Felak and Nas Süresi›
    Phase of The Period of Termination
    Phase of The Time Period
    The Day's Sukru Will Be Read
    Reminds of Greeting Hacer-i›Esved
    Hacet Prayer
    Hacet Prayer And Prayer
    Prayer of Seeing the Right
    The Silishle-iý Meshays of the Halidiye Arm
    The Disease Will Be Read Instantly
    Hatim Prayer
    Meaning of The Prayer of The Hatim
    Auspicious Bir Zürriyet Will Be Read
    Verses Read In Every Trouble
    The Read-In-Every Hacet
    Prayers Every Patient Should Read
    Must-Read Duâ for Every Murad
    Hizbu'l- Bahr
    Hizbu'l- Phase of Bahr Duâsı
    Phase of the Violation Period
    Imam-i and Acirc;zam's Prayer of The Rosary
    Imam-i and Acirc;
    It will be read when people are afraid of evil.
    Phase of The Construction Period
    Ism-i ýAzam Prayer
    Prayer of Forgiveness
    Prayer of The Exception
    Emotions to Be Expressed When You Go to the Kaaba
    Duâ to be read when you see the Kaaba
    To protect yourself from the torment of The Kabiýr
    Prayer to Be Read at Kabiýr Visit
    Reminds of Kabr-î Sherf
    Phase of Women's Time
    Prayer to Be Held While Giving Alms
    Salât-ı Künhiyye
    Salât-ı Münciýye
    Salât-ı Tefriýciye
    Salavât-ı Sherfe
    Prostration Verses
    Phase of Prostration Period
    Prayers to Read On Your Way Out
    Prayer For Patients Suffering From Death
    Health and Health
    Duâ to Be Read in a Moment of Trouble
    Duâ to be read at the moment of Boredom and Scourge
    Chat Prayer
    Subhânallahi and Bi›hamdihi›Ýsbi›ýn Fazi›ýi
    To be a master of Intercessing-i Nebi›
    The Devil's Prophet Duâ
    Shifâ Prayers
    Thank God for the Duâsı
    Phase of The Notification Period
    Sûre and Prayers to Be Read After Teheccüd, Morning and Evening Prayers
    Phase of The Tekasür Period
    Phase of The Duration of The T-Year
    Ugur Abbas
    Prayer to Be Read To Get Rid of Forgetfulness
    It will be read when you wake up from sleep
    Phase of The Duration of The Foundation
    Duration of Mourning
    Phase of Reading the Surah of Yâsi
    Yasiýn-iý Sherf Prayer
    Prayer to Be Read In Bed
    Seven Verses
    Seven Hundred People Pray at Salavât-ı Sherfe Reading Value
    Food Prayer
    Prayer to Be Read While Going to New Clothes
    Prayer to Be Read For The Defeated Meal Not to Cause Disease
    Yetmiş Biýn Melek, Bin Sabah Sevap Writer
    Prayer to Be Read In the Openness of The Bell
    Phase of The Period

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