365 Days of Faith with Stories Religious Educational Book -1193

Nesil Yayınevi
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365 Days of Faith Fundamentals with Stories
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    Just like you, Semih is curious about many issues. I wonder what does God look like, how powerful, does he live above the clouds, how does he see all people one by one at a time?

    How was the world created? Who is raining the rain? Who taught animals to find their food? Did the planets draw their orbits spontaneously?

    He is constantly questioning the angels, prophets, holy books, the Hereafter, death, and where the dead people go.

    One day, Semih decides to become a "Beauty Hunter" and starts running from adventure to adventure.

    You wondered what he was going through, right? So all you have to do is; your being a "Beauty Hunter" and accompanying Semih's adventures.


    Childhood is the period when issues of belief are most questioned. Appropriate and understandable answers that you can give to your children will resolve the questions they have in their minds. The unanswered questions, on the other hand, will perhaps pave the way for doubts to appear in their hearts over time.

    We have narrated these subjects, which are difficult to explain and understand, in a way that our children can easily understand. By devoting some of your time to your child every day, you can read short stories with him and help your child understand the principles of faith.

    Size: 22 x 22 cm.
    Number of Pages: 365
    Features: 1. Pulp, Hardcover, Illustrated, Colorful.
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