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    Şeymanur and Bilal are two brothers who love each other very much. After a visit with their parents, they decide to offer prayers every day of the year. Sometimes a nice meal they eat, sometimes a beautiful flower they see, and sometimes a poor child they meet is the subject of their prayers.

    Dear children! In this book, you will go on a prayer journey that lasts 365 days. Together with Şeymanur and Bilal, you will love cats and fish, and dream of looking at the sky. The excitement of waiting for their new born siblings Burak Emin will also surround you. Say what? Shall we open our hands to the sky and call the prayers of this beautiful family together amen?


    Prayer is calling, asking, begging. The essence of worship is the food of faith and the polish of the soul. It is a duty of servitude and a humanitarian debt. It is to ask for help from Allah. It is to inform the Lord of their wishes. It is to thank the blessings given. No, is to ask for help and mercy. Prayer is a beautiful act of worship.

    Here is the duty of all of us to teach prayer, which is such an important worship, to our children in an entertaining way. This book was written to explain prayer to children in the best way possible. It was aimed that all children who read the book would place prayer in every moment of their lives.

    With the prayer that our purpose yields good results ...
    Size: 22.5 x 22.5 cm.
    Number of Pages: 384
    Features: 1. Dough, Hardcover, Large size, Illustrated, Colorful.
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