365 Days with Stories Religious Vocabulary Religious Educational Book 1140

Nesil Yayınevi
Product Code : 9789752695870
365 Days of Religious Vocabulary with Stories
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  • To Our Little Readers

    Little Kenan has a vibrant and colorful world and a beautiful family. Kenan, like every child, goes to school, studies, travels, has fun and plays games with his friends; but most importantly, he learns new things every day. Because he's a curious kid who asks, researches and wants to learn everything!

    With this book, you will enter the curious world of Canaan, learn new things with him every day and have as much fun as he does.

    You have received the entrance ticket to this exciting and curious adventure. Now it's time to hold on to your seat and enjoy it… Welcome to Little Canaan's world full of curiosity and knowledge.


    There is a different story for every day in this book. Each of them is in charge of teaching a word to our children ... Our children can learn these words about our religion easily, without difficulty, without getting bored, thanks to this book. They can even have fun between our stories to the extent that they don't even realize they've learned something new.

    If you wish, you can use the word table at the end of the book to check if your child has learned the words. Remember that information is built on words. The more our children know these words, the more easily they can learn other subjects related to our religion.

    Number of Pages: 384
    Features: 1. Dough, Hardcover, Large size, Illustrated, Colorful.
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