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  • Once upon a time, God's day was long. Days added to days and nights. "40 Tales in 40 Nights" has emerged and the children have achieved their goal. When the children were fulfilled, the sultan allowed his daughter to marry that shepherd. Preparations for the wedding that started 40 days and 40 nights ...

    Preparations continue. Flying carpets in the form of clouds were made when the children wished. These flying clouds would take the children from their homes every night before they went to sleep, and take them to the fairy-tale realm where exciting events are happening. Children lived a different fairy tale every night. When the flying clouds brought them back to their beds, they were looking forward to the other night.

    What did not happen in this journey: Desolate Forest, Bad Island, Kaf Mountain, many fairy tale lands such as Nadaska and hellip; Nesrin, Chubby Rabbit, Meow Cat, Cotton, Bobi, Lamb with Henna, Sunflower, Chubby Donkey and Gak Gak and many fairy-tale heroes and hellip;

    Beautiful and smart kid who bought this book! You are one of the lucky people that the Sultan had prepared a flying cloud. So come on to the cloud of a thousand and meet our fairy-tale heroes in our land of 40 nights and hellip;

    Size: 15.5 x 21.5 cm.
    Number of Pages: 392
    Features: Book Paper, Plastering Skin, B.B Size, Illustrated.

    484 gr.
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