Cheerful Child Elifbası Set (Hayrat Publications) Religious / Religion Educational Book Set

Hayrat Neşriyat
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33.12 TL
Yurtdışı Müşterilerinin Dikkatine !
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  • Voice Elif ba; With, your children will be able to learn easier and better by hearing the letters of the Quran. Voice Elifba, which teaches how to read letters, how to use them according to their places, together with the rules of tajwid; It also includes the chapters and verses read in prayer. JUNIOR CHILDREN'S ELIFBASI SET "The most beautiful thing that we will leave behind and that will be beneficial about us after we go to the hereafter is surely the righteous child. It is the most important duty of a parent to take care of our children and ensure that they receive religious education. We have made the Elif-Ba Set, which is the gateway to the world of the Qur'an for our children. We wanted our children to both learn the Quran and have fun. If you say that I am together to build the new generation, we will be happy to host you. "
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